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The last few weeks I see more and more Bananas having a tear. Never had that before so many.

About 80% looks this way now. Am I doing something wrong?

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I am curious, too! I have been having the same issue!

beautful bans , a tear is natural imho,i would eat them as soon as possible tho, as this shows they are ripe

Mine started splitting the other day when i had them in plastic bags. Luckily my gf who worked in a greengrocers for years told me how they come from the wholesalers in boxes with overlapping layers also i found an open topped carboard box better because plastic bags make them sweat and i think possibly split.

I don't know how you store yours, i just hope something i said is helpful.

Well I think it could be the temperature. I buy mine on the market. The temperature is going to nearly zero degrees celcius (273 K) over here. I always buy a full box 18kg. Maybe the are getting to cold.

What do other people think?

My bananas do this on occasion, whether conventional or organic, whether shipped from the DR or grown in my back yard.  No worries.  But they will get dry and corky at the seam if you wait several days to eat them.

They've been sitting in a very moist environment.



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