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What is the progression of "100 Squats a Day"? What is the next body part to work?

1. Doing 100 squats a day. Been on this site too much already checked "100squatsaday.com" for an answer don't see it. AFTER DOING 100 SQUATS A DAY FOR A WHILE, what is the next step in the progression? Do I start doing the squats with weight, like holding a watermelon over my head while I do them? Or do I do more than 100 per day?

2. Squats work the biggest muscles in the body...what would be the "2nd biggest muscle group in the body" to logically start building up next as part of a daily routine of BODY WEIGHT exercises? Thank you!

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1. Whatever you want really, adding weight is easy with a front loaded dumbbell or kettlebell, or watermelon.  I would do them front-loaded before doing overhead.  You can increase the difficulty with one-legged variations, lunges, pistol squats, or shrimp squats.  You can increase explosiveness by doing box jumps.  100 box jumps would be pretty hard.  You can bring in more of your body and work up to doing 100 burpees as well.  Just add complexity or intensity.

2. pull ups and pushups/dips.  work up to doing 100 muscle-ups a day, or 100 handstand pushups.

look up these if you don't know them yet:


convict conditioning series


GMB fitness (i'm doing their rings 1 program.  its tough.)


youtube channels


calesthenic kings

frank medrano


ido portal



Thank you for the aweome reply guys!  I will check all this out.

Let me get a little more specific also then. The weakest point on my body is the meniscus tissue in my left knee due to several injuries. This is the main limitation when I am doing sports and physical activities such as distance running. Soreness, pain and tightness. The main treatment is STRENGTH in the legs and muscles that surround the knee.

I will try pushups at "the next body part". As far as progressing with the squats, what specific suggestion would you try for the knee next? For example...would squats with weights come before single leg squats you think? Lunges I assume would come later because there is more movement and they put more strain on the knee, correct? Shrimp squats and pistol squats look like they are too advanced for my "weak knee" just...its okay if I master the basic squats (squats with weight/one legged/lunges) before I do either of those correct? I mean there wouldn't be value in attempting them yet, or would they "hit different muscles"?

Thank you!

I had my meniscus surgically repaired in both knees and these exercises have been the only thing that made my legs feel normal again.  

I would work towards pistols before weight, since you'll continue to develop the stabilizing elements of your leg that way. shrimp squats and lunges are both things that can be a progression towards pistols.  

There are lots of ideas out there, the convict conditioning book has 9 progressions laid out for you to get you there.  The ones that have been most effective for myself so far came to me from GMB, which are shrimp squats and "single leg grinds" while holding onto a ring for support. I think its OK to do any exercise you want as long as you don't experience pain.

I forgot, you can also work on density.  That means doing more "work" in a shorter amount of time.  This could start as doing 100 squats in whatever amount of time it takes you, and then actively reducing that to 5:00 or 1:00, then maybe see how many you can cram into one minute.

For crazy cardio training you can try a Tabata protocol.   (of course this is only only only if you have no pain in your knees.)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b4e-dp97Jfc

Hahaha awesome thank you! I didn't know that hopefully I will be next. FYI I tried to add you on facebook a while back (guy skydiving) but its cool that you didn't add me , its kind of weird to send people you don't know requests I know...I just didn't want to miss out in case you were posting food pics and stuff online.

good suggs above.

also see:


which offers intense programing of progressive pushups, pull-ups, etc just for signing up to a free account.



walkout pressups starts with a squat walk out with your hands to plank then pressup walk back in then stand up then repeat this is the beast!!

Of course, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention some minimally equipped Crossfit style WODs


Thanks guys much appreciated :0

My main focus is:

  • On strengthening the knee so I don't get hurt training for races and competing in triathlons.
  • Being consistent. Building a daily routine that I can get in before or after work to build strength in between hard runs/rides/workouts that only happen intermittently throughout the week, the ultimate goal is to build longevity so I can race and be active in my 60s and 70s by building a strong fitness base.

This is just the type of information I need thank you kindly.

I've had problems with my knees and ankles; after "100 squats a day" I didn't find much improvement.  The biggest 2 workouts I do now are push-ups and lunges.  I'm up to 50 each (in segments) but I can do 30 in one set which is impressive for this busy girl.  I do regular push-ups, but not the touch-my-face-to-the-floor kind.  The lunges build, not only the knee muscles, but those in the thighs and calves as well as the core/obliques.  I haven't had time to implement much weight training, but I do constantly carry around 20-30lbs of children while doing other tasks, so maybe ankle/wrist weights might work for you.  Hope this helps!

You guys might also enjoy this: http://armstrongpullupprogram.com/

I have a few suggestions for the squats! ))

- you can use weights (backpack with nanas)

- you can squat FASTER (as fast as you can! its really really challenging!)

- you can squat on a bosu or a yoga ball (near a wall or in the doorway at first)

- and you can do fun squats with juping! (push, push, jump!)

I hope this will make your workout a little more fun! )))



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