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Hi all my beautiful fruity people,

SO it has happened again. I went up to see my in laws. They made a beautiful cooked vegan meal for dinner and then breakfast. I was doing great all day, ate extra so I wouldn't be hungry, but when dinner time rolled around, I just lost my strength and gave in. I ate the cooked food. It was actually really, really good. But I couldn't stop eating, then I ate tortilla chips after that and vegan pie. What is wrong with me. No it doesn't stop there. The next morning I had veggie sausage, bread, and roasted potatoes. Today, I feel HORRIBLE. Tired, achy, feverish, stuffy, lethargic.


What really freaked me out is that I could not stop eating the cooked food. I have been SO good for the past 2 moths, 100% raw, mostly fruit. Feeling awesome. And I gave in. When I eat fruit, I eat until I am full and satisfied, and then stop. That's it. I always feel satisfied, energized, and good. When I eat cooked food, I can't fill the space. I am always still wanting for something, and I feel horrible after.


I deal with alot of pressure from my family who do not agree with my LFRV lifestyle, even though they are vegan, I still get the protein question. Now it is the next day. I just had a nice meal of pineapple, feeling ok, but how do I undo the events of the weekend? Should I fast? I feel so puffy, bloated, and uncomfortable still, will that help? Just keep eating fruit to get back on track? Please help,


Thank you all my friends, with love,



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Don't fast.

Forgive yourself.

It happens to everyone at early stages.

Move on and enjoy all the awesome summer fruit around you!

ditto yuliya:)

I would just sleep extra, drink extra, take long walks and eat lots of fruit to recover.  I have to laugh about the protein question!  I agree with Mark, that once you start, the salt will really start a bad cycle of wanting more. What made you susceptible in the first place, the first question I'd ask is if I'm sure I'm eating enough calories.

Just keep trying, keep making an effort, it just keeps getting easier and easier!  :)


Thank you so much everyone. Yes you are all so right it is the salt. I am fine as long as I am at home, but as soon as I go away to visit relatives I crack. So I just ate a huge bowl of pineapple, I feel much better. I went to Trader joes and got 7 pineapple for 20 bucks because they were on sale, and I'm just gonna mono for a bit. I have also been sweating a ton (feverish) so I think I am detoxing already. 


Thanks for your guidance!



Tee hee that made me chuckle the cooked devil. He is a slimy critter!
I just ate normally (fruit) and the symptoms subsided after a couple of days. I beat myself up afterwards also...but looking back, I'm kind of glad I fell off the wagon and ate cooked because I got to see very clearly the negative consequences. For me, the benefits of eating LFRV far outweigh all the negatives of eating cooked, and I think it was good to be reminded of this:)
Agree about the salt addiction. Don't beat yourself up over it. You still ate vegan, so atleast you only hurt yourself, haha jk. Lots of people would be better off if they had a cooked vegan meal! Anyhow, you should be fine to just get back to your LFRV ways as soon as you get home! Best of Life to you my friend.
We fall so we can pick ourselves up again, learn and move on.

Much Love and support to You. The same thing happens to me whenever I decide to make "an exception". Never ends well. Spoiling Yourself with fruit and water is the only way so far for me to come back.

I know it is hard so best wishes for improvement long term.

But why are you putting yourself 'in front of the truck'

When they are eating their meals go eat yours elsewhere or go for a walk. This may be easier than the poor eating habits with subsequent guilt that could turn into an eating disorder (albeit mild).

Food should not make you feel guilty.

SAD eaters have the same guilt and habits with their 'bad' foodstuffs, chocolate, pizza, coffee...


So true. Thank you everyone. Today was a better day, though I have had horrible migraines all day, I think as I am passing the stuff through. I bet by tomorrow I will feel better. I have learned my lesson for sure though, holy cow! I do not know how SAD people walk around every day feeling that crappy...or maybe they do not know how good they CAN feel...
Oh, and I took a vacation to Melon Island today, and that has been very healing too...



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