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What if they can't lose excess fluff on this diet? Even after years? I'm not kidding!

Question. What to do if you are eating 811 low fat raw vegan diet ten years and you are still fat. I know of two women; Number One is a very youthful 75 years old 5' 3" 180 lb. and swears that she eats only fruit and greens. I have no evidence to doubt her. For the last decade I have seen her kitchen counter and fridge. Nothing but fruit and greens. When she was just vegan I used to train her and one of my trainers got her down to 135 lb. with six hours of low level cardio each week, but she hated it and even though she purchased an Exercycle Executive (allows the most efficient oxygen uptake as well as the least repetitive aerobic to cardio to hard endurance work), she hates exercise in general and unless she is babysitted she will not do it. She has been walking however every day for 40 minutes at 5 AM and later at 4:30 PM. She walks with a limp since she is so heavy that her knees can not take it. (That is a separate issue. She loves weight lifting but unfortunately can not do the best exercises due to her knees.) She first got into raw because of her liver. A doctor told her it was not working properly. But this would result it weight loss not gain, correct? Especially after so many years? Can her body be holding 100 lb. of excess water only? I have not figured this out in all this time. She is getting older and I want to help her. She has no food issues or cravings. She used to love to  water fast once a year, but never lost much weight even after 30 days. She could have gone longer but had responsibilities- that is the only reason she went back on fruit. NOTE: her calorie count is only about 800- 1200 average, and I have to "twist her arm" to  get her to even CONSIDER eating more. But she would at least have lost weight I would think... after all this time.


Woman Number Two is a younger 5' 8" and 180. Great genetics and proportions but a huge spare tire- eats some overt fat but mostly fruit. NOTE: She eats about 1000 calories per day that I know of, perhaps more on Fridays when she will have a little bit of a raw gourmet dish of about 400 calories mostly nuts or seeds with vegetables on a large bed of greens.


After 35 years of coaching people I have never come across anyone who did not respond to exercise. Every single client I have had in the last fourteen years who has gone raw, especially low fat raw vegan, has always gotten very thin, at least at first. I have given up. I never felt this way. But these two women are making me lose sleep at night. I really do not know what to do. Any help based on your actual experience that matches these variables as I have stated would be much appreciated!

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My $2.000.000: They are in starvation-mode and will use every ounce of fuel that they eat for fat storage. But I must admit, it sounds like interesting cases.


It's also possible they may be eating something other than what they are saying, as it's not possible that they could resist their cravings if they are eating such measly amounts of calories for so long.

To Jacob & Chris: yes of course, but that only lasts a few months. This has gone on for years and years with them. In my 35 years coaching and training people in my center I have met many outsiders who lied about what they eat-most people do (even to themselves) but they were not on my program. I have never had anyone not be successful in losing fat- that is so much easier than building muscle. It takes no work, just stop eating (yes that works, but that is not how I do it but you get my point).


Woman Number One is an especially mysterious case; I have seen what she purchases and eats for the last decade or more and I have never seen her lose weight UNLESS she does hours of 65-70% THR cardio. But she not only refused to do it but got "angry" at us... but like I said already, you would think that 1000 calories for ten years would amount to some weight loss!


I think I have to figure out how to put a hidden camera that has a very long power supply (somehow) in her kitchen.. but then who knows if she is leading a double life and eating elsewhere? Trust me this is a very spiritual person- an ordained Essene- and a volunteer "mother" for many people. Long story. But the main thing is I would love to hear about any actual super hard cases that were turned around and by what means?


Sometimes when people are spiritual leaders like that they put on an extra buffer of weight to deal with all of the intense energies and movements they are dealing with. Also, emotions are held in weight and I have heard of people loosing weight by finally releasing emotions. It may be hard for her as a spiritual leader to find a safe place to let go. When you are supposed to be the strong one, all of those human illusions seem like they have to be hidden.

I wish you were right but we both know it is not possible to live on 800 calories a day for a decade and still be very obese. Other than my own experience and with my clients over the last 30 years, it is a known fact that while "emotional stress" can circumvent your health, it can not make energy out of nowhere. 


As evidenced by historical war data, we have seen that in times of the most stress, the health always goes up in civilized countries, as the food available is limited to what they can grow.


I am aware that women's fat stores and metabolisms are nothing short of amazing due to nature's miracle in preserving their ovaries, which leads to the pear shaped body in this case of weight-preservation around the ovaries. But both these women - esp. Number One- have an extreme fat storage right around the midsection.


Trust me I have thought about the emotional issue for a decade myself, since this person lost their only child (but they were fat before that) as well.


As evidenced by historical war data, we have seen that in times of the most stress, the health always goes up in civilized countries, as the food available is limited to what they can grow.


I probably misunderstood you now, it's not about stress why people got more healthy during war times. It was about they ate less meats, more vegetables and lower fat amounts. 

This is in Forks Over Knives. When people had to eat more plants, they suffered less heart disease, cancer, diabetes, etc....Meat production needs more resources to make the same calories as plants.

What Ive learnt since people see me as the 'food police' is that they lie more to me thesedays cos they dont want me coming down on them lol!


What we eat in private eventually shows in public. If people are not on any medication that can cause excessive fluid retention and they have been doing fruits and veg for many years AND they are large then IMHO they are 1000% of the time doing something else and Im not talking steamed potatoes and veg lol!


This is what you look like if you weighed 250lbs then 5 years later.

Amazing story!

<3 Seasonal Fruit!!!!!

Like the breathairians Im currently doing a video about lol!


You can fast on water and take in ZERO cals but be taking in lots of salt and be on certain medications and you will 'gain weight' if your not a very large person to begin with.



what? I think David Wolfe would agree with you

I suspect that excess calories are being consumed and not just the 1,000 calories that you see.

There isn't much evidence to support the so called 'starvation mode' theory. All studies where calorie intake was closely monitored confirm that a consistent calorie deficit results in weight loss. There are no exceptions. Certainly different people have different calorie requirements. Even if the daily calorie requirements for a given person is low, a 1,000 calorie intake is particularly low even for a small active women.

In prisoner of war camps there were no exceptions. Even the fat prisoners became skinny and often rather quickly.



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