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Hey everyone!

I'm new here, thanks for having me and supporting me in this journey first of all.

I'd like to post what i'm currently having everyday except for weekends pretty much. I worry sometimes that I may be eating too much dried fruit cus I literally have ZERO time to eat lunch. I have class from 1:30 to 5pm, and I usually get up around 10:30 and have a late breakfast before leaving to class.


10-13 bananas smoothie.

1000-1300 cals


200g dried mangoes 

200g dates

~1400 cals

For dinner I will usually have a big salad and some potatoes, and I really do feel satisfied by the end of the day. I'm just starting to wonder whether I should have more fresh fruit intake throughout the day. I'm really just having fruit in the morning, the rest is dried. And am I having too much dried fruit? Could this hurt my teeth? (due to the higher sugar concentration)

Hope to hear your thoughts!

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yea lol! if i would follow the sun here in stockholm right now i would go to bed at 3pm and wake up at 8am! and in the summer i would go to bed at 11pm and wake up at 4 or 5am!

My personal take : I think you're food 'plan' looks awesome :-)  It's what I do during the week, and seems to work. High cals n fruit during the day, with a starch and veggie meal. I do a 800-1000 cal fruit mono fruit breakfast, and a lunch (a bunch of mini meals over the course of the day at work) of fruits (apples, pears, oranges, for example), veggies (celery usually), juice (orange, green, apple...), and dried fruit (raisins, mango). My dinner has been ~1000-1500 grams boiled potatoes (mix of yams, red, yukon, russet...) with a head of iceberg or few heads of romaine.

For my day at work, for example, i'll bring: container of dried fruit, ~5 pieces of fruit (apples / oranges...), bag celery/ mini cucs, and quart of juice. I may also bring my giant 48 oz bottle of fruit smoothie or eat my mono breakfast in car on way to work (If I don't drink/eat before).

What I do though is try to eat dried fruits and dates with vegetables. Or at least eat them with water.



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