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Guys without going into specifics, say I consume an average daily intake of cals per day. Lets say I eat what most of us eat here. Then would an avocado a day be more than 10% fat per day?

Should I only eat half?

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30BaD's suggested minimum calories per day for males is 3000. So 10% makes it 300 calories from fat. An avocado without skin and seed comes in at 21g of fat (values from cronometer). There are 9 calories per gram of fat, so a single avocado would put you at 189 calories from fat. Of course your daily calorie consumption may vary, but it's easy to do the math knowing 9 calories per gram of fat.

Yes, he would certainly need to take into account the fat in the other things he's consuming. The numbers I noted were simply to give him a reasonably accurate value to deduct from the 10% if he were to eat a whole (or half) avocado.

so spiffy, what u are saying is it would take 2 avocados per day to meet the requirements? This is of course not counting the fat from fruits..

So all in all, if I have like 20 bananas a day + 1x avocado I will not go over the 10%?

Why is it then that when somebody says they are eating 1 a day, people generally think overkill

It's all relative depending on their calorie intake. An avocado a day isn't going to make you fat, and isn't overkill. Plus, the fat in avocado is a healthy fat. It's important to have some fat as part of your diet.

20 bananas plus 1 avocado would still bring you in slightly under target (~261 out of 300) on a 3000 calorie/day minimum.

Fruit typically is 5% fat and tender leafy greens about 15% fat, plenty for humans to thrive on.

Even raw plant fat is unhealthy when over consumed.  A read through Aloha to 30BaD's Welcome Wagon! and the book The 80/10/10 Diet, will explain more.

Use Cronometer and see for yourself. It's free and easy, and it will show you a nice recap of your ratios.


For example, 20 bananas and an avocado is only 2422 kcal. Someone's gonna be undercarbed !

Also, in this example, the ratio is 83/13/4, 13% being the fat. So it's not really good either.


Always be objective and no need to ask anyone else when you can see for yourself.  5% fat from just fruits and veggies is fine, 80/10/10 is at least 80% carbs, no more than 10% fat and no more than 10% protein.  You may be okay on 15% fat but 10% or less is what the premier Docs say is healthy.  A higher fat meal or day is fine as long as over the week you keep the averages as they should be.

the plant fat is the devil      stay away     just kidding  

eat an avocado a day if you want on  3k + calories  most likely there will be plenty of others days when you will want much less or no overt fat   so it averages out over the year   10%   -15% 

i eat an avocado or a hand of nuts   when i want      some days  i do not want   

you cannot eat too many   : )  its kinda self limiting for me anyways    sometimes a slice of avocado hits the spot  other times  the whole fruit  : )  or half the fruit   enjoy  it came off the tree by nature herself

wow !  5  

I am not saying avocados are bad but I notice I don't need or crave fats at all when I have enough carb calories.  However if you want to figure out what exactly 10% is play around with it and log all your intake in cronometer you will get the idea in time.

I do think there is a chance you are under carbed though I saw your other post you just put up on truly raw nuts where you said you were craving fats like mad.  You might consider upping the carbs but you can still have fats if you want as well.

Well if you are eating enough and you feel fine I don't think you need to add fat for your health.  I have seen Dr Graham basically say nuts and avocado is optional in a video where he was being interviewed.  He basically said eat enough fruit so you are not having cravings and also eat some vegetable matter such as lettuce and celery and then he said you can add things like nuts, seeds and avocado if you want.  So the way he put it he was basically saying you don't need the fats but if you want to go ahead and eat them.



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