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I need to get some soon and was thinking of ordering some offline for a better selection, but have no clue what brands are good or what to look for, other than sublingual and methylcobalamin for b12, and I've heard d3 is a superior form of vitamin D. So what do you guys use and why? What are some good sites to order from? 


note: injection is not an option otherwise I'd jump on it. I live in the US and need permission (prescription) from dear daddy doctor for b12 injections, I already tried to get some from the pharmacy and they wouldn't let me. Going to the doc is not an option, never had a good experience with them and after the last fiasco I decided I'd rather die than go to those crooks, its too risky as I could get a HUGE bill (last time they literally did nothing and I was there for less than an hour and only saw the guy for 5 minutes at MOST and was charged several hundred dollars) and they might not even give me permission for injections if my levels aren't low enough.

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I use b12 injection, tested low years ago- as the why.... did it on doctors advise to aid in the reproduction of red blood cell, also it seem' s to increae my appatiet( maybe in my head but with my level of activityit seems to help keep me movin and lesss depressed? ) also in canada its cheap to buy and can be done without a doctor. Providing you not affraid of self injection
I follow this diet since 2005 and I don't use any supplements. Why? I feel good and can't be bothered.
that's just me though. Haven't run into any symptoms over the period of 7 years so I don't think I need them.
I'm open to the idea though but see no need personally.
I did not have any issues till my late 30's and I've been veg/vegan for 25 yrs plus, then I started to become tired all the time and sought out a doctor who supported my lifestlye and he lhad the test done
Yeah, this makes sense.

I take weekly B12 and D2 supplements (living in an area without much sun (Holland) and taking B12 just seems logical to me). I can't see a reason why it would hurt me and see only benefits in the prevention.

I contacted the speaker (Dr. Michael F. Holick ) it took a while to get a response but here it is:

For vegans who do not want to take vitamin D3 because it is derived from lanolin from sheep’s wool, they can take vitamin D2 which is derived from yeast. A physician can prescribe 50,000 IU vitamin D2 once every 2 weeks which is what I do for my patients. You can take this on a full or empty stomach.

What brands and where do you get yours?

Natural Factors, B12 Methylcobalamin from http://www.iherb.com/Natural-Factors-B12-Methylcobalamin-1000-mcg-1...

I am looking for a other brand for http://www.iherb.com/Vitamin-D


I get mine here.  Very easy.  They have a Doctor that will fill the prescription and ship it to you. 


The methyl one is wayyy too expensive, what's the deal with cyan, I know its not as good cause the body has to filter it and actually depletes your methyls in doing do, or does this not matter with injections? I know Harley says he used cyan ones, what ones do you get? Does the cyan one need refrigeration? There's no warning for it. How long does this last you?

Yes it is refrigerated and shipped over next day.  And when I did the math it was less expensive than going to the doctor for monthly shots.

I get the Methyl max and it has lasted me a year now and that's with giving my teen a shot here and there too.  I used the cyan one at first and felt fine with it but decided to go for the gold :)  I'm worth it :)


why don't you use nutritional yeast in your smoothies or something for B12?

What smoothies? I haven't had a smoothie in awhile, I just mono stuff plain and natural. Nutritional yeast? I'm not even sure what that is but it sound unnatural, apparently its not raw and is a fungus... I don't really see any advantage of it over supplements. 



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