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Matt Cline

Im wondering how everyone feels about mushrooms as far as nutrition and calories or even the ethics behind mushrooms?


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Haha Whoops! good to know thanks! What about the fact alot of mushrooms come from cows?

Ya ive always liked mushrooms my whole life! just got me to thinking where it comes from and if the had benefits. I think they have some minerals in them aswell..

I myself am a big fan of raw mushrooms. I kid you not; I eat a ton of them with my veggies. I'm going to try to eliminate them or at least drastically limit the intake of them because it just doesn't seem like an actual beneficial food for us humans, then again I don't know.

I see nothing wrong mentioned by anyone about mushrooms. The white button mushrooms (at least) are okay to eat raw and a good source of plant-based protein. Please let me know if you find any information otherwise. You can totally enjoy them!

I love raw mushrooms too, especially dipped in tomato sauce. I thought I was crazy, didn't know anyone else ate them. I agree though they don't feel like they're actually all that beneficial. Although they do have lots of vitamin D.

thank you

Ok but aren't all the organic produce fertilized with manure? As chemicals are prohibited, the best option for fertilization is manure. Even if grown into manure, mushrooms as veggies stay vegan.

Well said man! its a choice and just goal to save the planet and have community around that!

Vitamin A

If something absolutely without a doubt must be cooked to avoid problems, how healthy of a "food" is it?

The genuine human-ideal food could be defined as--you can eat as much of it as you desire in its natural state without ill effect.  

I take the "boosting immunity" arguments with a grain of salt.

Actually I don't use salt.... lol

But okay, simple-minded me thinks:

If something you eat makes your body produce more antibodies...  WHY.

Why does eating mushroom trigger antibody production?  In my way of thinking..

It's because you need those antibodies to fight off the fungus you just ate.  O.O

So how is this a good thing?    

Thanks for all that guys!

Matt Cline



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