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b12 & D vitamins for me personally.

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B12, D, E and K - one to three times a week

Also do a TMG (trimethylglycine) and methionine combo [supposedly precursors to SAM-E], carnosine and milk thistle - the latter two at least until they run out. 

It is comforting to know that others here take supplements. I thought that I was the only one and I did not even want to admit it. I was under the (incorrect ) impression that everyone here got all the nutrients that they needed from eating "loads of sweet, juicy fruits and vegetables". 

Hey Sara,


Could you please post a link?

I can't find them anywhere online.. found a few in Europe but they don't ship to the US..





Currently, I am not taking any supplements because I am setting my body up for some blood tests 15 August. I do not want my blood levels to reflect recent supplementation.

However, I was only taking a B complex liquid sublingual supplement (Sun Harvest brand: as methylcobalamin; 500-1000 mcg) 1-2 per week since March 2011, when I had my serum vitamin B12 (400 pg/ml; "norm": 211-911), methylmalonic acid (as methylmalonate; 0.20 umol/L; norm: <0.40), homocysteine (12.1 umol/L; norm: <11.4), folate (12.5 ng/ml; norm: 3-24), and many other levels checked. My vitamin B12 (219 pg/ml) and methylmalonic acid (1429 nmol/L = 1.429 umol/L; yikes!) levels were improved from my first tests done in December 2010. I improved these scores by taking a B complex pill (Jigsaw brand; as methylcobalamin; 500 mcg) and the liquid supplement mentioned above practically every day for two months (I stopped supplementing ~3 weeks prior to my March tests). I was also eating a lot of sushi (2+ times per week) during this period, thinking that this would help my B12 and vitamin D deficiencies. I got wise and finally went vegan in April 2011.

As I mention above, I also discovered that I was vitamin D deficient (15 ng/ml; "norm": >30) in December 2010. After two months of taking vitamin D with omega-3 fish oil supplements (Jigsaw brand; as cholecalciferol; 3300-5600 IU per day; 2000-3000 mg fish oil per day) along with magnesium (Jigsaw brand; as dimagnesium malate; 250-500 mg per day), I improved my vitamin D level to 23 ng/ml in March 2011. Since then, I have opted to work on my vitamin D solely by getting plenty of sun (UV index >3). [note: I also decreased the frequency of supplementing my B vitamins, between March and July.]

The Jigsaw Complete Essential Daily Packets also contain a multi mineral pill that contains selenium (as l-selenomethionine; 400 mcg), manganese (as manganese amino acid chelate; 2mg), chromium (as chromium amino acid chelate; 400 mcg), molybdenum (as molybdenum amino acid chelate; 150 mcg), copper (as copper amino acid chelate; 2 mg), iodine (as potassium iodide; 150 mcg), and zinc (as zinc amino acid chelate; 15 mg), which I only took January-March 2011. I am getting my serum selenium and zinc levels checked 15 August and thus may supplement with this pill if I am deficient... There are also antioxidant, vitamin c, and calcium pills in the packet, by the way.
Is there anything that one can eat that will make them less appealing to mosquitoes?
I personally do not think it is worth the trouble. However, a person's diet and other hygiene practices do influence their chemical profile (externally and internally), of course.

I know that I was more attractive to mosquitoes than several people I have done experiments/collecting with in the past when I ate a standard American diet (I was the largest individual with the most excess weight each time). However, I have not been able to put myself in such a situation again since going 811rv in April 2011 (being much lighter now, however I could still be the largest person).
My Vitamin D 25-OH level was most recently 29 ng/mL. I am taking 4950 IU of D3 Cholecalciferol to raise it to 50 ng/mL. I am outside every day, year round. 30 ng/mL is only "low sufficient". 
I agree that I should be aiming for a higher D level than 30, perhaps >50. I am still 'a work in progress.' First goal is to get over 30 ng/ml. Depending on what my 15 August level is will dictate what tweaks I need to make in my lifestyle...
I am following a "rule of thumb" that one should take an additional 1000 IU for each 10 ng/mL increase desired. I will also be tested in late August, and I will adjust my dosage again at that time.
b12 & iodine and flower essences :-)

@taysic..why flower essences :-)

Get the Vitamin D 25-OH test just to make sure. 



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