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What do you miss from a cooked diet and how do you get round it ?

Hi guys, just thought I would ask you all what you miss the most from your cooked days and what "substitutes" you have found for it ? My personal approach tends to be to embrace the LFRV lifestyle without making comparisons or trying to relate my new diet to the old one in any way - I think LFRV is more about enjoying new foods in a new way, not trying to copy old ways/habits of eating. However a recent "blip" of mine on jacket potatoes has shown me that I am human after all and I miss my cooked diet more than I care to admit sometimes :-). I would say what I personally miss the most is SALT ! as well as nicely cooked quinoa and steamed vegs. Tonight I made a lovely salad with sprouted quinoa, grated carrots, lots of green and sea vegetables (dulce) sprinkled with lemon juice - to be honest it was absolutely delicious :-)

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Spicy foods - chipotle salsa, curries
Pizza, baked goods

Like you said, I don't really try to emulate my old foods in my raw, fruit diet. I try to prepare/eat the raw stuff on its own terms. Seems to work well (and is a lot less work!)
But it's amazing. After eating my fill of fruit, I really don't feel any big cravings. Like my body's got enough of what it needs, why bother getting a pizza? Whenever I get cravings (especially when I'm drinking ice water at the bar seeing all my friends downing pub grub and IPAs), I happily reminisce about the days I used to eat that crap, and the craving usually passes. It really helps if I'm already full of bananas to start with :)
Like you I was amazed at how few cravings I had on a raw food diet .. in fact far fewer than I ever had on a cooked diet, if any at all ! I was really surprised by that, having read comments on the Internet from people who tried LFRV and said they ended suffering from really bad cravings ...I never experienced something like that. However since my blip with jacket potatoes the other day, I have started thinking asbout cooked food again .. no cravings as such, but Im kinda thinking about all the stuff I used to have.
Lol, Ryan...I was just going to reply, "Nothing! I miss nothing!"

Cheers. :)
ya i was going to say what ryan said. if ever i think hey some pasta with tomato sauce or some pizza or w/e..i just know that cooking is unhealthy, takes a lot of time etc etc etc. just remember why you eat the way you do:P
What do I miss the most? Spearfishing. Free dive spearfishing in the Caribbean. I spent the first 18 years of my life doing this on a regular basis, having spent much of my childhood on a boat in the islands. When operating under the belief that you need to eat meat/fish for protein, there is nothing better than catching/killing your own food. And spearfishing is truly a challenge, requiring endurance, cunning, and an ability to hold your breath for a long time. You are out of your element, in an open playing field with so much life, including sharks that can end your day real quick. It really is quite the experience.

That being said, as a raw vegan/health enthusiast, I still dive and spend lots of time in the water (I'm an avid surfer)... the difference now is that I feel like a protector of the earth, and I focus on all the amazing experiences that I have interacting with marine life, such as turtles, dolphins, seals, and hopefully one day, whales. And I truly believe that sharks do not see me as food, though it's certainly a possibility that I could still get eaten. I just feel a lot safer and more comfortable in the ocean.

Interesting huh? Has nothing to do with food.

And on the subject of food, I view it a bit differently. Instead of viewing it as my old lifestyle, I just sort of see it as a choice that I can still make if I really want to. If I want it badly enough, I can eat it. I take out the dogma and the "shoulds", and it becomes something I can do if I wish. But I don't often wish to, and when I do, I usually make some sort of gourmet 811rv meal, and honestly, it's never that good. Oftentimes, I stop eating after only a small bit. I live a really active life, so I generally have lots of incentives to stay in top form and health.
Well I really miss all the hours of preparation, cooking time, washing up, cleaning the oven and the cooker top and the cost of the cooking in £ sterling etc! I miss and crave absolutely nothing thats cooked, but will admit that sometimes certain aromas are still nostalgic :) Its not about what is missing, it is about all the positive benefits of my Raw Fruitarian lifestyle, not just about food; but, also about all of the the related ethical issues.
I agree that the angle of "missing things" is the wrong one, and that one must focus on new additions to ones lifestyle, which I have done so far .. I try to eat the food imagining its positive effects on my body, and beneficial effects on the environment .. however, having had a cooked food "blip", it brought me temporarily down into a spiral of missing/craving old favorites .. once it is completely detoxed off my system, and my environment changes in a week or so, I fully expect that my mindset was back to how it has been for the last 3 months or so :-)
I was actually being facetious when I said this "Well I really miss all the hours of preparation, cooking time, washing up, cleaning the oven and the cooker top and the cost of the cooking in £ sterling etc!" I don't miss anything about the cooked food lifestyle at all. My Raw Frutuitarian lifestyle gives me everything I need I fits in with my very deep Vegan Ethics which I would never compromise.
The warmth and texture of bland foods like 
rice, taters and wheat products. Don't know
if I'm ready to get around it yet. All I know is
that if I fall off the wagon, I don't beat myself up
too bad over it. I just get up, dust myself off and
get back on my intended path asap. 



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