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Hi everyone, I'm new here, am also pretty new to raw and I am weaning myself onto the 80/10/10 diet. I have a 2yr old daughter and am having a bit of a dilemna as to what to feed her. I have been on a health/healing journey for a while now and am well aware that it is a truly evolving process - I have tried many things and this is where I'm at right now.

I am a little wary of putting dd on whatever sort of food I am eating as I feel that I may just move on within a few months if I discover that it doesn't work for me and I don't want to keep chopping and changing her food while she is in her cruicial developmental years. While I think the 80/10/10 diet may be the answer for me and my health concerns, for some reason I am still hesitant to feed my daughter anything other than the typical 'well rounded' average diet.

Even though I know differently now, all those years of heaving 'protein, protein, protein' drummed into me just keep ringing in my ears and I find it hard to shake the idea that she needs more than just fruit and vegetables to sustain her.

I am wondering if anyone else has addressed this dilemna in their own lives - what do you feed your children?


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At 2 they'll eat whatever you give them and don't blink when you change their diet. Offer her all the fruits and veggies she wants and she will thrive! You'll see it in her skin and eyes and energy and calmness and her fresh smelling, easy going poops. Try the diet your self but also try it out on her and see the results. Meanwhile keep educating yourself on 811 and you'll become more confident as you go. At least that is what I would do. You would have to eat poorly for at least 6 months to become deficient in anything, so you've got plenty of time to research while you see the results for yourself, plus eating a variety of fruits and veggies is not eating poorly. :)

I have a 12 year old on this diet for a year and a half and he is thriving!!! We put him on to keep him breathing from a lung injury he had and he stayed with it, my husband soon followed, 1 year for him and I am at 6 months on 811. My other 3 kids have done as long as a month raw and eat a raw produce even when not 100% raw.

My breast feeding friend went on 811 for a couple of weeks and her baby's skin within a day cleared up and began to glow while his mucus nose cleared up too. So much for the theory that breast feeding Moms will detox too fast if they lighten up/change their diets. This just goes to prove how we don't really detox the way many people think we do. Often, so called detox symptoms are actually symptoms of wrong food combinations, or under eating, not getting enough sleep or exercise etc.

Welcome to 811, a lot to learn and well worth all the effort! :)

Best Wishes! :)
Dear Melissa,
I have raised two children on a raw vegan diet. I personally think that breastmilk is a very important factor in raising children on a raw vegan diet. My children were fed for 3.5 and 4 years. Human milk is very easily digested by young humans, and contains perfectly balanced nutrients for a young child.
All the cases I have known where a baby or young child failed to thrive on a raw vegan diet were cases where the mother had difficulties feeding her child or had stopped breastfeeding.

My children have been very happy and healthy on a raw vegan diet, and I suggest having a wide range of fresh produce in your house so your daughter has some choice over what she eats. Both my children have had the freedom to select which fruits they wanted to eat.
Both have really enjoyed Avocado and Durian as well as the juicier fruits.
They also like the veggie fruits such as Cucumber and Sweet Pepper.

To have a bit of fun with fruit you can try making 'faces':

Or you can humanise your fruit:

Children also love to forage for fruit, and pick their own, so you could look for wild fruit together or go to a Pick-Your-Own fruit farm.

Also my younger son really enjoys growing his own fruit, and I think this helps young children to appreciate what they are eating.
Tomatoes, Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries, and Passion Fruit are easy to grow and will flower and fruit quickly after planting, so your daughter doesn't have to wait too long to get her harvest.

I find denser low fat fruits for children include Jackfruit, Chocolate Sapote, Mamey Sapote, Yellow Sapote, Custard Apple, Soursop, Green Sapote, Sapodilla, Fresh Figs, Fresh Dates, organic Bananas, and Rollinia.
Also, berries are great for minerals and just a good size for little ones.

All fruit and veggies contain protein, and it is very hard for a young child on breastmilk and raw fruit and veggies to become protein deficient unless they are not getting adequate amounts of food.
Avocados and contain more protein than the juicier fruits.

One thing I have found is that all children I have met love sweet, juicy fruit regardless of the diet they are on, and my children's friends always love to share fruit with them. So parties and social occasions can be a good opportunity for your child's friends to share fruit.

Love and Peaches,
from Anne XX.



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