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So, what do you eat when you are sick while in a vegan or raw diet? 

Normally on a SAD you would have salty cracker, chicken soup or another hot soup.

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lots of green smoothies, pineapple, berries, citrus juices, as many greens as you can handle really.  anything thats powerful to help clear and aid fight the sickness.  for something comforting i always love a corn salad (corn, snap peas, red pepper, green onion and tomatoes with some pepper chopped up really small)  its just really savory, crunchy and yummy! lol good for any day.  you can always have some hot lemon water for warmth and comfort right? best of luck! 

I would drink fruit juice using fruit that is at room temperature (I love room temperature watermelon and a tad bit of ginger if my stomach is upset)... definitely add greens and citrus for their nutritional value for healing your body. I also drink warm water with mint leaves in it... very soothing. Hydration and lots of rest.

Since I eat hcrv I never got sick anymore. :)

If you're hungry, eat your favorite fruit otherwise, drinking lot of water. Good healing and recovery!


Nothing.  You go to bed and rest up until your body is better.  The body's digestion is compromised because it is using the energy to irradicate whatever it needs to get rid of.  Sickness is detox.  If we mask it with meds, etc., or try to do other things while feeling ill, or eat, it slows down the healing process.


I know how hard it is to simply do nothing, but that is actually the best thing to do.  


Feel better. 

hahaha - do you understand that on a sustanined low fat high fruit carb raw vegan diet - you dont get sick.

I would go on a fast as animals do when they get sick or injure in mature. Drink lots of water to activate the immun system. And sleep as much as i can.

I don't think there's really a right or wrong answer for this, probably just to eat whatever fruit you're drawn to. If you have no appetite, don't eat.

To be honest, in the 14 months of me doing this, it's never come up... ;-D

Thanks everyone!

 I never get sick. (sore throat, congestion, cold or flu symptoms etc.) Okay I have a slight healing crisis every few years or so, usually every five or ten, that lasts about five hours and I feel fatigued. Rare times it lasts a few days.

There are only two thing you ever need to do when sick:

1) Complete Rest

2) Abstinence from abuse

That means no eating at all. If you are sick longer than a few days then you may want to have fresh juices in order to get some nutrition but not make your body work too hard, since it needs complete energy to rest and heal.

My wife and she loves it.   I get sick way less then I used to.  This winter all i got was a sore throat for a few days. Not even a fever to go with it.

Alissa, are you feeling better?



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