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What do you do when you're out of fruit and you've got no money?

That's what I'm up against right now. I've been looking for a job but as of right now I've been SOL, used up all the bananas yesterday and probably still only got in about 1500 calories. Ate my last mango today and just had some celery...I feel too invested in this raw thing to give into any cooked food (makes me feel even worse)... it seems like it would be easier to fast till I manage to get my hands on more bananas or something. 

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If there is a taskrabbit in your area: http://www.taskrabbit.com/ become a taskrabbit (every day people post tasks e.g. cooking food, doing groceries, cleaning, etc.) and normal people "rabbits" run the tasks in exchange of pay. Great for those looking for extra cash... I haven't been a rabbit but did hire someone to do my groceries one hectic period of my life.

Alex, I am not sure exactly how out of money you are, but if you have unemployment benefits or not, but you can apply for food stamps.....you may be entitled if you are unemployed.  You would receive 200 dollars a month til you find work.  Also you can request a cash benfit as well.  Some people have too much pride to accept, but its there.

Also, there are churches who have food banks available.  I used to volunteer.  Lots of produce available from local stores and markets. If you live in America.....you will never starve. : D



I applied for food stamps last night and I got a call today. I was sure I would get it until the lady said I might not, because I'm going to school part time and don't have any disabilities or kids to look after. I did part time because I was working before and couldn't go to school during the day, and now I don't have a job and am stuck with the schedule till I graduate. I still have a chance to get the card, just not sure they are going to accept me, I have to go down there and talk to them which I will do friday. Thank you

Try to re-apply as soo as they will allow if you are denied. They won't fault you for leaving out that you a re a student on the application as long as you are honest if they ask which you may have already figured out.


First option: Food stamps.

Second option: Forage if you have a bike.

Third option: Sell some stuff and buy bulk rice.

I feel like many of the suggestions given so far aren't very sustainable. How could you keep going back to the same stores and grazing on their product every day? They would catch on. Rice isn't an ideal food on this diet, but neither is being broke. Do the best with what you've got. Stay safe.

Exactly. Rice is ideal when starving is not.

Definitely do all the legal things first, you do not need to complicate your life with criminal proceedings let alone feeling bad later, but don't starve for sure! If you have access to food but it's cooked only until you have more money, I'd say the rice thing is probably pretty decent, or maybe Quinoa. Sprouts are pretty cheap, but obviously starting them now wont get you lunch later today.

Just do the best you can. I'm sure friends/family would be glad to have you over for a meal, if you're on your own, do look into food assistance! That's part of what we all pay taxes for anyway, to make sure people who need a help get it, so they don't have to do anything drastic to eat.  Also, don't be afraid to ask. You could always go to your local grocery, health food store and ask if they have any over-ripe fruit, you may be able to get it for pennies or they may just give it to you. Just depends on the person. 


You could house sit, or dog walk, clean, paint, or temp, ( Craigslist )

Hell - you look like you'd get hired to work in retail, or to hostess at a restaurant, in a heartbeat.  

Or clerk at a yoga studio.


Or for now - do you have an aunt or a grandparent to hit up for a touch ?

Dear, I am sorry about your situation. 

However, it is still better, if possible to get some carbs and calories into your system.  Boiled rice is something, without the butters and oils, and perhaps only a pinch of salt, is one option. The next best thing might be baked and or steamed potatoes, and then beans. 

I am not sure where you live, but you may be able to get some dry staples like rice and beans from a local church food pantry.  It is better to eat something than to starve.  Your first choice should be low fat vegan, then raw vegan. 

I know the old adage goes if a person does not work, they do not eat, but the reverse is also true.  If you do not eat, then you cannot work and or do what you need to do to survive. 

Good luck and I hope it all works out.  Love and Peace, PK

Thanks for the support everyone. I had no idea this would get so much attention...you all care to help each other out and that is one reason why I love it here.

Now I've got plenty of ideas to work from, one being hopping on my bike today and seeing what I can find...In the meantime I managed to find some change hiding around the house and bought 7 bananas at the store to tie me over for awhile. I shall be letting you all know how it goes. Thanks again guys!

Local food banks around my city get a lot of produce like bananas from Trader Joes. It's really worth looking into. Explain your situation, tell them you have digestive issues and need fresh produce.

I personally would rather do this than eat rice. It rips up my guts, I get a strong inflammatory response, and rice leaves me achy and moody. This is why Doug Graham wrote a book called Grain Damage.

For me to be able to afford this diet, it's all about what I don't spend money on- a car, internet service, cable, pedicures, etc.



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