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I know theres so many vegan all-natural options. Before I started this lifestyle I used Dove prescription strength. I know I know so bad!! I tend to sweat a lot and speed walking is my commute (bad combo lol!) I've pulled back and just used regular dove deodorant for a year, but sweating is still an issue. Its visible and embarrassing. Now, I'm wondering if a natural deodorant can help with this. Maybe I'm sweating because of a dependence on chemical deodorant? Anyone have experience with switching to a natural brand? Does it help with persperation in particular? Thats the only concern, I have better than average BO :-P

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I switched to a natural brand, it's called being a natural animal. but in all seriousness, I am a very warm person, and always break out into sweat before anyone else I know. it was a nightmare when I was working in a large office environment, when usually the girls likes it very warm.

Since going au natural, I am much fresher than ever before. Even if I do sweat, it remains rather fresh, maybe something to do with my clean and health diet.

Plus, it helps I think natural is always best, including female scent. female natural scent is far more beautiful than any chemical found in a bottle.

I hate the idea of chemicals on my gorgeous skin.

My stance is, if you are prepared to consume a substance/chemical made by someone in a factory, then allow it on your skin (your largest organ), if you are not prepared to consume a chemical, don't put it on your skin.

Just my opinion, why don't you try the natural approach, for a while at least. You may be the odd one out, but someone must be brave and lead, and you may be pleasantly surprised as your body learns to not rely on chemicals as you said.

If you need to wipe your pits with a baby wipe or something on arrival, that is much better in my opinion than layering on harsh, un-human smelling chemicals.  

I use desert essence deo. Doesn't burn my pits like a lot them do!

Deodorant is fine but antiperspirant is not, you have to deal with sweating, find better clothing options that hide the sweat marks.

http://www.ewg.org/ is a great resource to find safe products.

We usually go without any deodorant (and do not have BO) but we use this product sometimes:


Just discovered powdered clay as an alternative.  I used it for a bad reaction, (rash), I had to getting an under arm wax and it worked great.  I used it under both arms for convenience and found that it works well as a "deodorant" although really it is just keeping the bacteria at bay and has no smell to it.  The clay also sucks toxins out of your arm pits/lymph nodes- so quite a healthy way to go! :)

Am I the only raw vegan with BO??? I'm not new to this lifestyle, but I still have BO. I work out a lot, and that's when I.....stink. So I just put baking soda under my arms and it kills the odor.

More greens will correct that. Also so will no garlic/onion/spices (besides cinnamon which will draw OUT the bo.)

I eat a minimum of three pounds of greens per day, so that's not it. But I do eat garlic, onion and spices. Did you mean cinnamon helps or doesn't? 'Cause I also eat cinnamon everyday.

Three pounds of greens - go you :)

All animals have body odour, which is different to the nasty stink we associate with BO (even though it stands for the same). But we all have a natural scent, and you need to distinguish your personal scent, from the stink produced from certain foods as they are digested then leach through your pores, as your body tries to eliminate the toxins.

Garlic and Onion are just bad from an odour point of view. but that is not YOU smelling bad, just the foods smelling bad. They stink outside the body, so no wonder they stink once they have been digested. Go clean for a while, avoid strong foods, and your natural scent should be much more fresh, but it will exist, barely noticeable until you work out. I can work out 2 or three times a day, then sleep, then go to work, and still not offend anyone. I don't do that often as I often swim, but it is possible no probs. fresh clothing helps as it is often the clothing that smells bad (the bacteria).  

Lets not confuse NO scent, vs pleasant, inoffensive scent.

I am also intrigued as to the clarification about cinnamon, as I do have half a teaspoon sometimes with my nana smoothie.

Its genetics too. I have this gene! lol! 


(C;T) Wet earwax. Slightly better body odour.

I'm sure a lot of people have this gene and odor goes away with raw veganism. Others may have C;C and not get rid of it completely.

We use the crystal salt rocks. They are cheap, last for ages. You wet the 'rock' and rub it under your arm. I can be sweating buckets mowing the lawn and never smell bad. I think the crystal kills the bacteria that produces the bad odour. 

Happy to say I no longer ue it :) I sweat and it ain't stinkin! You SHOULD be sweating, Tania..but it shouldn't be offensive in smell. If you're using no spices or very low spices and getting ENOUGH DARK GREENS, you'll be good as gold. :D

Eating enough greens combat BO? I never knew!



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