30 Bananas a Day!

I always had a flat stomach.

Now, even when I eat only raw (and 811low fat vegan) I look pregnant (I'd say 4 months!) most of the time

I wonder why.

Any ideas  on why that happen in general ?


Thank you



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Me too :(

I cut salt a long time ago, so I only eat it rarely these days.


1 - Eat fats only at the end of the day, if you´re very sensitive only with greens, if less sensitive, you can combine them with a little amount of acid fruits, like tomatoes, oranges, lemons.....


2 - Never combine sweet fruits (bananas, dates, figs) with acid fruits or subacid fruits (almost all fruits)


In my experience it´s even a total mess, if I combine bananas with mangoes (subacid) for instance. I often read that many other people are fine with this combination. I guess it depends how sensitive you are. The more sensitive, the more you will have to seperate.

I follow proper food combining & I still looked 4 months pregnant most of the time too. What's been helping lately though is mono-meals. Makes a big difference.



Here's a link to a thread I recently posted that answers many of your questions. My bloating has gone down significantly since I started mono-mealing though, so that's helped a lot :) Thanks!

Thanks rawfruitygoddess:) I don't leave 4-5 hours between meals, I usually eat 4 meals a day, and sometimes a small fruit snack. Usually a meal of dateorade, a meal of mangoes, a meal of melon, and green-smoothie/salad combo but I've been trying to minimize combining lately. Berries or an apple or 2 will be a snack since they don't have as many calories. I know digestive issues take time to heal, and I'm trying to be as patient as possible! My stomach definitely feels less bloated than it did a week ago though, so I must be doing something right!
Thanks RFG! I'm super careful about food-combining, especially eating melon alone, I haven't really been waiting 5 hours in between, but i'll try to do so in the future :)
Oh & staying hydrated is definitely important! I drink at least 3 liters a day... so hopefully that's keeping me hydrated enough!

Its like running, when you do it for a few days and arent winning a marathon on Sunday, most people quit.


Why newbies get bloating from fruit?

1. Dehydration. Lets ensure we are drinking enough water that our urine comes out clear. Everytime. Weigh yourself first thing and then after exercise and drink the deficit in water. ie: if you drop 3kg from exercise, drink 3 litres before you eat anything and if your dropping that much weight in a couple of hours, then you simply aint drinking enough and will lose motivation soon enough to keep being active. Go out and get some fat pants and or antidepressants, cos eventually youll need em if you keep dehydrating yourself.

2. Long term undereating. Anorexics are the main ones. The gastric system gets stronger with use. When we undereat, our digestion gets weak and bloating gets more full on and then that causes more undereating cos the person doesnt feel well and the problem gets worse. Only way out is to start forcing in the fruit calories gently. Gently FORCE the fruit in. See it in a zen sort of way. :)

3. Combo abombo's. We eat nut pate for dinner and then want something sweet afterwards cos we simply didnt eat enough fruit that day or the day before or even the week before. So we put fruit on top and wonder why we feel it and then we blame the fruit. Eat mono meals. Big ones and on a hydrated system. Drink your water before you meals. Leave at least 10 minutes and then chow down. Your body will love you for it.

4. You know your doing the right things when your eating so much food you go to bed pregnant and wake up and you can almost feel your spine your stomach feels so concave.

5. When we eat enough, our stomach should be pregnant, cos if its not big n round after a meal, you simply aint eating enough.The magic thing with high water content foods like bananas, mango, grapes, blended dates is that they are mostly water by volume so the budda belly goes down in a few hours ready for the next meal. If it were animal product or cooked food, it would not go down hence all the big bellies around town that NEVER go down in the morning.

This might freak an anorexic mindset, but do you want health or to subscribe to some fashion belief that you must starve yourself so your stomach is dead flat 24/7? May as well wear heels or a suit to bed incase the papparazzi break in and take a photo of us..

6. Patience. Do the above and expect the flatest stomach of your life. Those that dont experience it are simply doing something else on the side. And thats fine, this path aint for everyone.


Thank you all.

I guess I am not

1. well hydrated

2.  mono-eating enough

I'll start doing that.

PS  I don't have problems with gas.  i just seem to have a big "beer belly" for a long time after eating and I wonder if it's because of some bacteria or others I may still have from high-fat  days.

True, mono-mealing or just very good combo's is the answer.

I noticed that even simple combinations are clearly not good enough.

Bloating has lessened here too :)




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