30 Bananas a Day!

What excuse do you tell yourself you can't live this lifestyle right now?

What excuse do you tell yourself you can live this lifestyle right now?



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lol well my ego tells me

"aww come on just one bite"

"your doing such a good job reward yourself"

"no one will see if you just take one bite"

"you can find some fruit on your lunch break, dont take your lunch"

"garlic bread is ok"

"well the candy is on sale"

"fruit is too expensive"



then i go to 30bananasaday.com or i get on youtube and watch some videos and make myself and extra large strawberry banana smoothie 

.........giving into compulsion..........
Fleeting thoughts of- I'm insane to spend so much of my income on fruit!
I feel this way sometimes, too. When I think of the alternative, though, I know I really would rather have fruit. I just hate when the organic stuff gets expensive.

Walking into the grocery store and the produce looks wilted, old and unripe. And not to mention the lack of variety. The only way I can picture myself eating this stuff is to put it in some kind of recipe, and salt, spice and oil it up!

Then I come home and watch youtubes about all the beautiful fruit in Hawaii and  start salivating.

Where's the "LIKE" button?
"Being unhealthy is easy" lol I know what u mean I often use this excuse alongside one similar that goes, "I think my body just enjoys me being miserable".
Because of social situations and making friends when I'm traveling.


Eating clean and feeling great from the inside out makes me happy.... but so does going out to dinner or getting a drink with friends. And ultimately, being happy is the most important thing in life. So....it is a balancing act for me. Is breaking my diet for the sake of a social situation "worth" it in the long run?

If breaking your diet will make you sick(stomach ache, headache etc.) you won't be so happy anymore. ;)


Real friends will understand.

I am on very low budget and fruit is alway unripe in stores. So I only eat bananas and apples. And I spend so much time buying bananas at different stages(I visit three different stores almost every day -.-) and ripening them. Not enough fruit means not enough calories and lack of exercise. - This means I'm not 811 really.


Fortunately, we have persimmons at home and they will be ripe soon. :) 

I have fallen off the wagon a few times over this year. Usually it happen when it's that time of the month. My excuse is "it's that time of the month". Really not a great excuse. I don't fall of the wagon and eat meat. I eat some chocolate ice cream or some cooked rice but, still I shouldn't have any excuses.



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