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So, my mom just called me from home, and told me our blender finally died! (: I'm so excited, because now we get to get a new blender, and I know a lot of people get a vitamix, but I don't know which one i should pick! I told my mom to let me pick out the blender so we can actually get a reallllllly good one! So does anyone have suggestions?! thanks!

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I just got a vitamix from QVC for $363 and 5 easy payments! This is definitely worth it and the only way I could do it. It is an amazing machine. I do not need my juicer or blender anymore!

Thanks! Yes, the only problem would be the price of them. They are zoo expensive and i have no idea how my mom would feel about paying 500+ for a blender..even though they are amazing and she would probably never need to get another one, but still. I'll have to tell her about that!

i Love my Oster blender i got at target for 15 bux. High speed. Has been tortured numerous times to please me with banana ice creams ! My parents have had theirs for yearsss...I bought mine about 5 months ago and have been using it daily for green smoothies and ice creams and thick thick thick sauces and cheesecake fillings.


I know the Vitamix blends the greens to a liquid and you would obtain more nutrition...and would spend lesss time blending ! With my Oster I kind of have to be next to it to help it blend...but it works!


Vitamix is in the near future for me.

Do you 'juice' with a vitamix?

I've seen people do it. You blend up your greens to a liquid...then you strain out the juice to seperate the pulp. There are a few videos on youtube on how to do this.

Here is one...


If somebody goes to Thailand, I recommend fake vitamix from Makro..its about 100 bucks and works great:)

I have a vitamix and it works great!

Vitamix or blendtec. They both are top of the line blenders, and if you buy either you'll be happy. Don't go crazy finding which one will be better for you, cause in the end, they'll both get the job done great :)
my advice.....do not get a health master!!!   i'd get a vitamix or a blendtec
The Ninja NJ600 Pro. About $100 and you won't regret it. I searched a long time and thought about the Vitamix, but when I finished reading what people said, I bought the Ninja. It's very powerfull, easy to clean, not too expensive.
I wish I could really afford a Vitamix.



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