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What are the 3 biggest OBSTACLES in the way of you eating 100% low-fat raw vegan?


The BIG 3 that frusssstrate you?  Go ahead - let it out!!!  List 'em below!

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I only have 2.

1. Finding enough quality ripe fruit.

2. Freelee stealing my quality ripe fruit!


Being a cooked vegan was super easy. EVERY single supermarket has your calories for you in a variety of flavours/types etc. 811rv is so much harder but TOTALLY worth the effort. Its like having a nice bike in a country that doesnt really cater for cyclists. Im still gonna ride.

finding enough quality ripe fruit.

explaining my diet to people when they ask about it and having it end up in a massive debate that goes on and on...


Hey luvgreen, heh, explain love/hate relationship with bananas? :))

Hahaha, really, is there other fruits than bananas?! ;) heh, yup, they're my staple too, not that I could choose any other, cos we don't really get any other tropic fruit all year round.. But like u said, I try to drop in some other fruits along with the bananas, so I can get some variety.. & the greens, of course, very important ;))


The other day, I saw pictures od someone here, living in hawaii, with all sorts of incredible looking fruits (at least I think it was fruits) & I was thinking, heck, I have to move one day, cos I might want to try other fruits too one day, just for the sake of variety.. But okay, for now, I'm gonna say 'thank u' for the bananas :))

1. Finding organic produce

2. Finding ripe, good quality produce

3. The extremely high prices of fresh fruits & veggies in my country (I spend about 200 euros a week (non-organic!!), I dunno what that is in dollars, but it's a bucketload of money & I have to do a good deal of extra hours to pay for it actually ;)

200 euros a week for one person? I pay much less in the same country:) Did you check this website ? 

I think Alveringem isn't that far from Nieuwpoort. It's the same distance I do every week to go to an organic farm.


1. My budget. If I could, I would live on mangoes and OJ.

2. Family

3. I have a tendency to eat too much fat

1. Me, I self-sabotage.

2. I'm torn between whether to get the spiralizer or not. :P

Everything else is fine; I'm really grateful to be in a fruity environment.

I empthasize with all of you guys on this thread!


1. Managing time effectively for ripening fruit (replacing a box of ripe fruit with an unripe box for an example)

2. Finding a diversity of quality fruits in the friggin' cold northeast (I need more tropical fruit!)-- def. relocating!

3. Dealing with the repulsive reactions people get when they learn about how much fruit I eat in a day, scratch that-- they are triple-repulsed by my meals! It's crazy when you compare that to dead animal fare!

4. Hate to put this in here-- but I need to sleep more! And at efficent times! Even though I'm a college student, I really have no excuse! I know that I can make this work... x.x

1. Exercise - I don't like it, without it I can't thrive

2. See above

3. See above

1. One obstacle is the time it takes daily to acquire and eat the food. Sometimes I wake up and want to get straight to writing, but no! I have to drink my liter or so of water, and then breakfast, which could take more than an hour if I go for cantaloupe. Especially now it's warming up and I'll be exercising more, I expect to want at least 4000 calories every single day. It'd also be nice to take a week off from having to think ahead about getting enough fruit. Of course, bananas and dates alleviate these minor pains. Basically, being LFRV, the food I eat is inevitably a prominent part of my life to which I must devote much attention. That's the way it should be really; I want to be connected with nature through the food I eat. If I went back to cooked vegan, I would spend less time planning and performing my eating, but the loss of drive and motivation would waste far more. I'm sure that as I gain experience, I'll improve at using my time masterfully and having much more to show for an average day than a bucket of compost and a smile.

2. Finding scrumptious, affordable produce. Too bad mangoes aren't cheaper. I love papayas but they're iffy here. The really great thing is that if I can be LFRV in Prescott, AZ, then being the same in a big city with more markets, or the tropics, would be no problem. This obstacle just fills me with excitement at the prospect of packing my things. Soon. :)

3. Living this lifestyle alone! Imagine if I had a cherimoya-licking love to eat with, shop with, toss salads with, play games and sports with, and hug for a lot longer than 2-5 seconds! Wow! So much I would have to complain about then! Thanks, Megan E. for being my first 80/10/10 friend in real life! Gotta make some more.


This doesn't actually prevent me from eating 100%, but I do become weary of unbuttoning my pants so many times a day. When I was in high school, I was dehydrated all the time and evaded going to the bathroom even once during the 8 hours I spent at school. Now, I am incessantly confronted with the question: Men or Women? If possible I choose the one that is empty. I'm physically male, but when I choose Men I have to wear a baseball cap or a hood, or else I elicit ridicule and confusion from other people. I could just make a loud announcement as I walk in ("My hair may be girly but but I swear I have a pear!"), but that would just reveal my ambiguous voice. I find these ordeals amusing, however they do bring me some anxiety.

1. Cost

2 Finding decent (ie good tasting) fruit in my part of the world

3. Cravings !!!



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