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Mine is when I was little, maybe 3 or 4 years old eating watermelon in our backyard on a really hot summers day...I remember feeling so happy :)

I think maybe I always knew fruit was the way to go, because the only food I would eat when my mother started feeding me food other than breast milk was stewed apples..


So tell me..what is your fondest/earliest fruity memory..

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Oh nice :) Pawpaw here is what Papayas are to everyone else..I wonder why us Aussies call them Pawpaws?

earliest: eating dried figs for the first time as a 5year old boy

fondest: chewing down 120plus figs a day on my last bike trip


did I say figs twice? lol I think so... Ö=)

oh nice Ivan. I am yet to eat a perfectly ripe fig. Can't wait till I do. Where did you eat all those figs?

in spain and portugal you could collect buckets of it... they grow wild on the side of the road and none wants to eat them cause they mess u up if your on wheat and meat... im not sure if eat 120 i just know i eat many and over long period... one day i counted 70 and i had other fresh fruit from the road too... theyr delicious and they grow also in wa. last year again in spring i remember feasting on figs in wa. feb/march is the season

My earliest is   when I was 5 years young living  on Oahu, feasting daily on mangos in  the tree in our back yard with 2  cute local  girls, eating them till we were full  ,Every day.

My mom would feed me oat meal  for breakfast so I throw it out the window cause i was full of fruit ,haha

as I grew up I was riding my bike all over  foraging fruits from trees in Hawaii and southern california,

I enjoy every day growing food here in Hawaii


Now my favorite is  going to my secret durian trees and eating them on the spot till i am full, many different kinds,  hmmm I know where i am going  for breakfast

I too remember throwing away sandwiches and only having desires to eat fruit. I am so glad my mother raised me the way she did. I never even knew what McDonalds was until I went to school.

wow that is awesome! as I am starting to plan my future I want to be able to move somewhere where I can forage for all of my fruit but I don't know where that would be.

I can relate to the comfort fruit eating...I remember whenI was young I got my ear cut quite badly at swimming lessons when I got home I was devouring grapes and they made me happy again :)

Oh I have another few..


Meeting Nick Moss from here and eating white sapotes for the first time in a funky cafe in Fremantle a few years ago.


and also catching up with my favourite cousin (who is more like a sister) in Finland eating strawberries whilst sitting in the sun..

I used to spend summers in Illinois to be with family when I was young and I remember being seven years old or so with my Aunt in the kitchen eating the most heavenly tasting cantaloupes from the garden, and my Aunt commenting on what an appetite I had. I don't think I've ever had cantaloupes to this day that were as good as those.. I got to eat them every day when I was there..


I am building my memories as we speak.  I grew up on the SAD diet, and then later did the Atkins thing to loose weight.  About a year ago, after an illness, I went on the net to learn about healthy eating. 

I came across fruitarianism, and logically it made sense, but I had to retrain my skeptical mind and body.

I remember last January eating my first breakfast of bananas.  My stomach could only handle about 3 of them, but I was in awe.  The taste was so sweet, and I was satisfied for 5-6 hours before I needed to eat lunch.  On a Sad diet, I was hungry every two hours. 

And so it is I am still learning about fruits, different kinds from different parts of the world, what works for me and what doesn't.

My mind is very peaceful, my body satisfied, and my spiritual eyes opened to things I never thought about before.

In Peace, PK

I remember when I was little I saw some bing cherries and asked my mom to buy me some. She explained that I couldn't have the cherries and get an ice cream cone later. I couldn't have both. I chose the cherries. I got one pound of cherries and shared them with my mom.

THATS a great memory to read, Helen Melon.

memory 1- being very young and opening a kiwi for the first time, tasting it, and thinking to myself, "This, is my favorite food." ...Foreshadowing? Also my mom used to slice bananas into a bowl to eat with a fork, I remember thinking how presentable, cute and complete a snack it was.


memory 2- Going for a long cathartic run by the sea in privacy to find after my cool down a property that had been abandoned had apple trees on it, and got a yellow apple to fall so I could have it! Another property had cherry tomatoes growing by a fountain I partook of.


memory 3 - The day I had a bag of chocolate candies on one hand , champagne mangoes on the other, and I chose the champagne mangoes and was able to after struggling with a severe ED for years.




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