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What are the most memorable comments cashiers have made about your large amount of fruit?

What are the most memorable comments cashiers or even people in the store have made about your shopping cart filled with fruit? I'll start:

"Do you have a pet monkey?" -Cashier

"Do you own the juicing business next store?" -Cashier

"Mango Man!" -Head of Produce

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don't mind if I do

I don't know about cashiers, but...

One night I had a big table of food prepared for my family (ordinary SAD stuff), and I sat down in my seat with a bunch of bananas and plunked them on my dinner plate and started eating....

My husband watched me for a minute, then proclaimed to my kids that if their mother starts climbing up on the table and swinging from the chandelier, they were to put a stop to that immediately (in a funny friendly not critical way - he's good about that).  It was such a funny thing to imagine, I winked at them all, and said that if I start swinging from household fixtures, it was a good bet that none of them would be able to catch me!

I thought it was funny, and I make a point when I am eating a lot of bananas, to pointedly glance over at the chandelier, lol!!

That sounds hilarious :D Thanks for sharing, it made me laugh :)

worth secretly reinforcing the chandelier just to prove him right :D

"How many people is that for?" (It's just for me.)

"Are you making smoothies? It's smoothies for a party, right?" (I might make it into smoothies... for me.)

"Is that for a summer camp?" (No it's just for me.)
"What are you on, the orange or citrus diet? The fruit diet?" (All the above, please. :D)

No comment.. because I always buy bulk from wholesale company.!

"y'all gonna turn into some kinda crazy ass pineapple man"

lol, what store was this??

we should be so lucky!

whole foods, jenkintown, pa. let's just say they employ a few large and in charge black women who tell it like it is. never a dull moment

'So you're some kind of vegetarians that don't eat meat?'  (at the store with my 6yr old daughter)

.. cause you know, there are so many different types of vegetarians!

cashier: are you vegan?

me: yup

cashier: so what do you eat?

me: like fruits, bananas, oranges stuff like that

cashier: so your a raw vegan?!

me: nah i eat rice to, but how u know about raw vegans??

cashier: my son is raw vegan

me: woah! great thats so good!

cashier: yeah but i worry yno? wheres he gonna get his protien?

me: same place gorilla gets his, bananas!

cashier: mmm yeah i guess...

me: don't worry, ur son's gonna be fine, he's gonna be great, read china study if ur still not sure

thats pretty much it 



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