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What are some ironic comments people have made about your diet?

The other day I went out to eat with my family, and of course I brought my own fruit meal to eat. So to set the picture, I was sitting at a table with four other people who had just finished chowing down on greasy, salty chinese food and were on to dessert while I was eating about 2 kilos of grapes. Our waitress walked up to our table to give us some fortune cookies or something, and suddenly I heard her ask, "Won't you get a stomache ache?" I looked up and looked around the table for a minute before I realized that she was talking to ME! It was so bizarre to me that all I could do was shrug and say no. She made a comment about how my body must be used to it then walked away. The whole thing was so bizarre and ironic I just had to share it! (Of course my family wasn't able to share the humor with me the way some of you may be able to).


If any of you guys have funny, ironic, or just plain bizarre experiences with your diet, do share :)

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The best I've had:

There I am, sitting (living and existing!) in front of a few witnesses, eating away at fruit, and I get told "You can't live on just fruit." in a very convinced manner...
A fellow vegan made a remark at the Let live conference this past weekend after chowing down on white bread and beans....

"You can't be healthy just eating fruits and vegetables! You'll get sick!"

Imagine that...
Hey thanks! I didn't realize my post was a bit redundant... sorry!
The only time fruit gave me a stomach ache was when I ate it too fast! :)

One thing I like to hear is 'If I ate that rabbit food, Id have no energy! and with all those carbs from fruit, Id get fat!!'

My reply is 'Well your fat already, Im not, your unfit, Im fit! :) So If this diet made us fatigued and fat, how come Ive got enough energy to be fit and Im always trim???'
Haha, awesome reply! Unfortunately some of us aren't quite at the point where we can use our own fitness as examples yet :)
Yesterday I was sitting with my friend in the sun, and I offered him some of the nectarines I was eating, and he said yes and then he was like **its very uncommon for me to eat during the day at all** and I said I eat lots of fruit all day, I need the energy and he replied that well **he eats to live not live to eat**
and we continued that for a bit
I just found that so ironic, cause yes he barely eats or sleeps but he lives of soda, chocolate milk, white bread and take out.

And raw food is energy food that makes you live. Very odd to me.



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