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I had a small exchange on FB and I am just curious as to how others view what was said. Here’s the conversation. Faces and names have been changed to protect the innocent, lol


[Poster] ‎

"Pork leg is, of course, full of pork lard - saturated fat. In fact, the Okinawans cook mainly with pork lard. Yet all that saturated fat and cholesterol did not clog up their arteries. It did not give them heart disease, diabetes or other degenerative diseases, it did not even make them fat. And it is not just the Okinawans or Koreans who lead healthy lives on a diet with plenty of saturated fat and cholesterol. The French too. And the Greeks, Swiss, Austrians, Haitians, Cubans, Puerto Ricans...The extreme case would be the Masai of Africa. They eat only meat, blood and milk. No grains and veggies in their diet. Yet they, too, are healthy and free from degenerative diseases."

 [Poster] From this article:

http://www.stop-trans-fat.com/okinawans.html[Other Guy] Damn knock knock that's knowledge knocking are yall gonna pick up? All meat ain't mess nobody up if your not lazy, like if you have a consistent insatiable diet of nice round beautiful African American female buttox to go with that pork you'd definitely be in a healthy non lazy condition a fit all meat diet I can dig it can you Americanized people who think all meat is taboo?



As I looked more into what you were saying I looked up the average life expectancy of the Masai which was low even when compared to those living on the standard american diet. This leads me to ask what criteria are you using to label a people as "health?"


[Other Guy]

l the groups you named [Poster] this "genius" named Rufassa *comedic pause* decided to pick the people who fight lions with sticks let see how long your life expectancy is when we give you a stick and let you fight a lion...



‎@[Other Guy], are you saying that the main contributor to their short lifespan is premature death due to being killed by lions or some other tragic death?



Also, since you are questioning my intelligence, being that I wasn’t “smart” enough to know not to question something being presented to me, I assume you are smart enough to know what a fallacy is in the context of a logical argument; in particularly the fallacy of a false cause or maybe ad hominems. So, if you have a sound response to my last question then I would love to have a logical debate but I am just a little to old to sit here name calling. ijs


[Other Guy]

I concur that based on the subject of your question about tragic death's that no but an infection and no proper medical treatment not heart disease diabetes or degenerative diseases and if you consider people dying from a treatable infection tragic than yes "Rufassa" *comedic pause* tragedy is it.



And that brings me back to my original question. What is the definition of "healthy?" In my world "healthy" people don't need drugs to sustain life. Anyone that needs medical attention as a matter of life & death in the absence of server wounds, poisoning, or some tragic event is not the type of health I would aspire to. And by tragic I mean something that would snatch your health not the absence of a crutch to supplement ones true health. IMHO



Plus, even if my diet "protected" me from heart attacks & diabetes yet caused me to die of something else at an age earlier than anyone dies of heart attack or diabetes anyways then can I really brag about it protecting me from them?


[Other Guy]

Um "Rufassa" *comedic pause* your an asshole I have genetic cancers that I was born with and right now your pissing me off I like [Poster] like what she said its not about your absence of medicine argument its about heart disease diabetes and degenerative disease like build up of bodily waste I needed chemo to even be alive right now a yr ago I couldn't move my legs or fingers to even be writing this but needing medicine to stay alive doesn't make me unhealthy in anyway shape or form but you stressing me is very unhealthy Rufassa <-- name calling *comedic pause*

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That's EASY. (Cuz I've been BOTH healthy and not).. 

Health is defined as the TOTAL freedom from dis-ease. That means not as much as a fart. Oh yes you can get to that point. No cold or flu symptoms for over TEN years- that's me. That is just for starters. 

It is so obvious what wrong eating and not sleeping, and not getting sunlight, or not exercising properly DOES!!!

Chris Califano!

Here's a photo of Uffe Ravnskov, MD, PhD,
the guy who wrote, "The Cholesterol Myths"  and "Fat and Cholesterol are GOOD for You":  Does he look healthy?  Is he someone you would want to emulate as far as health, longevity and vibrance?


not that I doubt your point but I think it's a bit unfair to judge anything from just a photo. at least meeting the person would give a more accurate impression. photos are just moments in time

I see your point. I guess that was judgemental of me. But I would expect someone who is advertising themself as a health expert, and making money from it to be healthy. Maybe in really life he is full of vitality but somehow I doubt it.



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