30 Bananas a Day!

What about wee wees and poo poo's? Dont you feel guilty for having to go 'again'?

...I train when ever, where ever and wee on the bush or take a dump out in the forrest. Paula Radcliffe took a crap and a pee in front of millions to set the womens marathon world record. Gred Lemond crapped himself to win a stage. Cyclists frequently pee emselves if they have too. I did the gold coast marathon last month and saw a lady had crapped herself. Probably too self conscious to take a crap behind a bush so she just crap her self and let it run down her leg..amazing at what the status quo has got us doing..bike touring away from toilets cured me. I never use toilets if I can use a natural area. Heck thats what the animal do. Thats part of nature. Banana crap is different to a McCrap.

I do what it takes. Cows crap with no guilt and so do birds. Me hang on to a dump or wee cos the status quo is dehydrated and consitpated? Heck no.

I prefer tak'n a dump out in the bush vs flushing 5 gallons of water with 1lb of waste out into the ocean..we have a water crisis and have sterile soils..crazy world. On one side of the world we flush a familys daily water intake down the drain and on the other side of the world a family dies from dehydration.

If people think your crazy for eating fruit, then tell em you just took a dump in their front yard and about to have a pee out the back.. :)

If I dont get up at least 3 times a night, Im dehydrated.

But Im not normal, I want absurd energy levels. Energy levels I used to snort speed to get. Now I got em everyday.

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pooping is awesome!
haha...tis...people get shocked when they hear how many times I can go in a day...crazy mo-fos only go once every other day!!! "HOW CAN YOU STAND CARRYING SO MUCH POO AROUND???"...I ask, but no one ever answers :-(
I KNOW! People think its natural to go once every few days. That's f*cked up. Literally. ;)
crazy! i know, my friend said she goes like every 2 days
i was like what?!?!! i go more than twice a day ahhahaa
people are storin that junk in da trunk. no pun intended

Haha, so true, my housemate also goes about once in 3 days, and I know it because when she goes I have to stay away from our bathroom for a while, and leave windows open too!

<p>lol, that is so true, can't believe how bad other peoples crap smells now, mine seriously hardly smells at all and there's no after smell! I used to always be constipated, it was a problem for me for about 8 years, not any more. :)

<p>Although obviously I wasn't backed up for literally 8 years, that really would be bad! ;)

I am giggling so hard here at work right now. Tears running down my face :-).
This made my day :-) - where else could I openly talk about pooing and weeing?

Now, can I ask the ladies - when exercising in "the wild", do you take tissues or so with you for "cleaning"? I am still a bit self conscious about that part.
When I go to my "garden" (a cleared flat area in the hilly bush that is on our property) I always just pee out there because I can't be bothered hiking back up to the house hehe.

For peeing outside I just do the "wiggle". Poo is a different story...

I haven't gone outdoors in ages. The ideal situation is cleaning with water. I think Indians have the right idea on that. If I settle, I think I will get a toilet hose put in and do away with toilet paper.

Hehe Eva, sometimes with leaves if I have to or pieces of soft bark. Other than that, they're usually pretty 'clean.'

Ash I hear  that gf!! My daughter and her peer neighbor-friend were in potty training at the same time. The friend was horrified and held it in. Her folks went to a doc and he referred them to an actual poo-clinic!!! There they were told that for 3-4yr old kids, pooping ONCE every 10-14 days was NORMAL and not an indication to start therapy. I KID YOU NOT!!!! They were convinced that was right. 

My kid had a few weeks of holding it in, and I just let her poop in her diaper. Wasn't happy about it, but she still did it 2 times a day which was, imo, better that once every 14 days... GEEZ...  



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