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I have been reading and Loving Ether hick's & Abraham books and listening to their CDs, many times they say your health and weight are a direct result of your thoughts always! As in: If you think/see yourself as thin and healthy then you will be. Thats why a thin and overweight person can eat the same amount of food and will not be the same weight. Then the interviewer asks Esther/Abraham well what about being Vegan isnt that better for your health then eating meat/animals? and Abraham replies something like it is fine to eat meat, the animals come into this life knowing and happily sacrificing their own physical life.

This really shocked me, I was kind of expecting her to say something like raw foods or vegan foods are the healthiest but it seems like your "thoughts or beliefs on wheither a food is good for you or not" is what matters.
I havent heard them mention that ideally we should be vegan or raw so far. What does everyone or anyone think of this? ???
So is Esther/ Abraham saying that if we truly believe that we are slim, healthy and ageless we can be no matter if we live off pizza/choco/junk foods? or would that be more of a cause and effect thing?
Please let me know im super interested!!! :):)

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This is pseudoscience. There is a mind-body connection but it is strictly biological, the mind has a biological basis. The body is an interconnected ecosystem affected as a whole, thoughts are shown to effect our biology, however, not in this rediculous undocumented fantasy. Positive thoughts are a great thing, especially when they are possible lol, but they are not the center of the universe as we might like to think. Objectively, this has no scientific basis and does not have any proof of plausibility.
Oh, thanks Mark, reading what you write is a relief for me. Please, please, don't believe in the LOA, it is much more dangerous than you can guess!!! A lot of dangerous way of thinking and it has dark origins!
No, unfortunately I am not joking at all. Just search in the Internet very seriously, this law of attracion matter spund "fishy" to me. I think we can be raw and have positive attituteds towards life without any New Age and without any law of attraction. It is obvious that if you expect things to go bad, thet go bad, as the opposite is sometimes obvious, too, but it has nothing to do with any law of attraction! Things must be studied seriously before believing in them. Personally I try to be Christian, and is is hard for me, but I do prefer any atheist person on Earth who is truly rational and refuses any New Age matters, i know several atheists who refuses God and religion, like my best friend, but are very open to any irrational pseudo "philosophies"and the like
A person may believe what they want. I believe there is only one reality, which we obviously havent even scratched the surface of. I got tangled up in imagination before and I ended up following and listening to theories and fantasies, like when I thought I could live off of greens and ignored calories. I now try to be as objective as possible in my thoughts and understanding. I respect peoples beliefs, however, when they have forgotten when that is just what they are, beliefs, it becomes a fantasy and a problem.

Take MyPyramid for example, people learn this theory or idea and take it as the truth without ever questioning it. Well, if they followed it, it would be great by todays standards, but it just doesn't seem to follow logic and reality.

Science is not the enemy, maybe we should stick to it.
I want to apologize, even if late, for what I wrote above, when I wrote "Please, don't believe in it" in fact people are free to believe in anything they want, I have no right to beg anyone not to believe in something. Sorry.
Thank you so much for such a great answerm your words really make sense and I LOVE Abraham and their messages and I do believe that we can do, be , have anything and that anything is possible, and I love that and im working on changing my belief system and using their teachings.
I truely believe that raw is the way to go.

and Esther is overweight and now the healthiest looking girl lol so why is this? If she knows from Abraham that she can have a "perfect body" then why doesnt she? or maybe she doesnt because that is not her focus? Another thing that puzzles me a bit. Maybe she just doesnt care about being lean and healthy looking.
But thanks again :)
I agree with you.. I just wish someone could help get her in the raw vegan zone\ alignment.. That would be such great advertisement for being vegan!
Ha. Health wasn't their concern. That's cracks me up. The justifications people come out with. I'm not totally against all this spiritual stuff but I think you have to draw a line. Well I have to anyway. Stop thinking so much about things and start doing. Take actions. Go running. Spread the love etc. Don't waste your life sitting around meditating when you can be out enjoying nature. It gives us everything we need. I'm not saying meditating is a waste of time. Just don't over do it. Keep the balance :)
You should be against all that "spiritual" stuff. Of course being optimistic helps a lot in life, but it is a very different issue!!

A hurried research in the Internet gave me these results:

http://www.cuttingedge.org/n1084.html   : read in the list of books below in the page, look for "New Thought";






See a comment in this page above:


Originally posted by ALightinDarkness
...the reason why some religious institutions do not like masonry is because it promotes a diversity of religious belief...

That's what I said.

Originally posted by Fire_In_The_Minds_of_Men
Freemasonic notions of "God" have been all-inclusive or amorphously defined ... Hence, it is no wonder why Freemasonry has attracted an inordinate amount of heretics...

As long as you believe in a "higher power" (be it as simple as a force or a "great architect") then you're in. Good, then. Well that includes practitioners of the  , theurgic magick, theosophy, alchemy, astrology, and all types of pantheistic new age hookey. ... "Hey, as long as they're not atheists...."

On the 19th century occult revival (whose superstars were Masons), there's a good article I read recently on a Masonic site. He actually doesn't name enough of them (the New Thought Movement is one area in which he has a big blind spot)."
You can try to translate through Google:
And, please, also try to read this thread:




About being against all spiritual stuff. Depends what you mean exactly when you say spiritual. Any kind of spiritual activity that involves a lot effort and complications, I don't see as necessary.



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