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I have been reading and Loving Ether hick's & Abraham books and listening to their CDs, many times they say your health and weight are a direct result of your thoughts always! As in: If you think/see yourself as thin and healthy then you will be. Thats why a thin and overweight person can eat the same amount of food and will not be the same weight. Then the interviewer asks Esther/Abraham well what about being Vegan isnt that better for your health then eating meat/animals? and Abraham replies something like it is fine to eat meat, the animals come into this life knowing and happily sacrificing their own physical life.

This really shocked me, I was kind of expecting her to say something like raw foods or vegan foods are the healthiest but it seems like your "thoughts or beliefs on wheither a food is good for you or not" is what matters.
I havent heard them mention that ideally we should be vegan or raw so far. What does everyone or anyone think of this? ???
So is Esther/ Abraham saying that if we truly believe that we are slim, healthy and ageless we can be no matter if we live off pizza/choco/junk foods? or would that be more of a cause and effect thing?
Please let me know im super interested!!! :):)

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Yeah this really bugs me. It should be -if you can control your thoughts and think the right thing and be aligned with the true self- then you should only choose the freshest, healthiest food available. I see the value in it from a non judgemental point of view- but not from the ethical point of view. Thinking any being including a tree offers itsself up to be killed is a really dangerous type of thinking to get into- not good for the earth, humanity, or teaching what is right. It bypasses the most fundamental issues we have in the world today and would create even more selfishness and immorality.

I havent studied it so I may be completely wrong but this is just the way it comes across to me after watching some videos. I am also curious why she talks so quicky and affectedly. Is this part of behaviour modification techniques like david wolfe employs? A kind of hypnotism?

It kind of comes down to the idea that techniques like that can be used for good or evil ends. It is a lot easier being "evil" and not concerned with anything than immediate wants and superficial pleasures. And it is basically the model of thinking we already employ from a business standpoint- that we need to make and consume as much as possible because it keeps out economy strong. Employing environmental protection considerations makes the products too expensive so it comes down to chosing to live or die from an economic sense.

But if the techniques were used to show a person they can be free and happy with nothing, and could live like a monk and be totally fullfilled then it would make sense. It is the same thing infact as enlightenment to believe you are already there and a realized human being. Pursuing anything like this that can make you a better person is a good thing but you just have to remember not to get taken by nlp or fantasies that end up being destructive in the long run.
Umm . yea if you eat a lot of chocolate you're gonna get fat.
Look at David Wolfe, who espouses the same idea.
Yes totally see your point Zoe, Ive met some amazing pcychics and mediums who are really unhealthy or overweight and some that are in amazing shape so I guess they are just like everybody else, even if they know the healthiest ways to live, they still can choose not to.
"Yes it amazes me how some of the brightest people still don't get that it is wrong to kill animals for food if you don't have to."
Thanks Zoe, yes it's totally undeniably obvious to us lot, isn't it

Yes, a saying that goes "nobody has a monopoly on the truth" I havent heard Esther/Abrahams teachings directly but it would appear that they have 'blind spots' in the area of consciousness around food & animals and this particular area of morality. Doesnt mean what they teach is all wrong, although it could be. I don't think you can find one teacher that covers every area, I like to pick and choose the best of what I find.

What a thought-provoking reply.
Glad you're now done with that chapter of your life.
Thanks for sharing that.
it's easy to remain detached and cold from a distance Exactly. Most people don't even see meat as a dead animal. That's why they call it meat. To mask the truth

Did thinking positive thoughts create this? I guess that is what I would ask..
No worries. I know what you mean about your experience. I don't think many people think it's right no. Eating meat that is. But people are weak. I'm not saying it's that easy to give up things like meat but most people won't even try and a lot don't care or like I said, they try to mask it or not think about it. If someone does think it's natural and/or right. They should go to a slaughter house or hunting. Would make a lot of people think differently.
And what about bananas rights?!!!!! ;)
So true Liam. if only everyone could see and eat raw fruit n veg. I wish all the food and takeout places could be replaced with fruit trees and fruit stands that would be heaven!!!
Totally. Anyone who can watch 'Earthlings' documentary a true visual picture of what happens to animals in slaughterhouses etc, and afterwards claim this "Animals happily sacrificing their own physical life" drivel is lacking in common sense and human empathy.
Some people have just never given it much thought or are in denial.
This reminds me of the justification offered by that group of weirdos who have that organisation that promotes child abuse and claim that the kids enjoy it. It is just evil people trying to justify their actions to themselves and to others.



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