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what a place. lots of friendly staff making patients chemo and radiation treatments a little better.

in reception area, they had cookies and milk and coffee. i said to my bro, ''no organic fruit here?'' he said ''well if they had organic fruit here, that would attract pests and then we would have to use pesticides and then it wouldnt be organic..so biscuits and coffee are just easier for everyone, ok,watch dad, im gonna have a quick smoke and get something to eat.."

ive accepted my dad prefers icecream to the Agrade organic grapes i brought him. i accept that he prefers to drink coffee and tea over water. i accept he has different goals in life than myself. i still love him and went along to show my bro how uneducated the whole cancer money circus really is.

after dad came out of getting his body nuked, the oncologist said ''come back in 4 weeks and we will see if the treatment is working." then they gave dad some new scripts and sent us off. but durianrider had some questions..

my questions were:
is the immune system important for a cancer patient?
does radiation treatment trash the immune system?
so how is radiation bad if your healthy, and good if your sick?
how can we best build dads immune system after its been irradiated?
have you ever heard of the china study (oncologist was chinese)?
you say my dad should eats fruits and veg and everything in moderation, how much exactly is that? how many calories?
you dont really know do you? how many hours did you study nutrition?
52hours over the last 11 years?
ok, thanks for your time.

the first thing my dad said when we left the room was ''harley, i cant believe it, you had your elbow's on the doctors desk, that was very uncouth.."

i just smiled and said ''yeah dad, sorry about that"

its been a great experience, its forced me to detach more and more from peoples outcomes and focus on being an even better example to those that want help.

those whom are ready to awaken, they will hear us. those that arent ready, it will sound like extremo gibberish to them.

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Hi Harley,
sorry to hear about your dad.
What were the doctor's answers to your questions?
Love and peace XX.

The doc just kept saying 'cancer treatments are horrible for the immune system, they actually destroy it'. I said 'wow, that makes sense to try and poison someone back to health'.

If it was now I would have taped it for a youtube vid just to show people how pernicious and evil that entire cancer industry is.

Thanks DR.

Must not be easy for you to see the stupidity of it all but great to see your a support to him.

I agree somethings sit in people intellect and somethings don't.

Took me a while to figure this out.

I hope everything works out for your Dad.

I agree I remember when my mother in law was sent to the hospital for heart problems and she was in care.

We wen't to check on her and couldn't believe what they where giving her.

They where feeding her roast beef sandwiches and eggs I believe was the other food.

For a heart patient.

I went to the nutritionist and basically remmed them out and they looked at me with this zombie look and said "it was according to food guidelines". I told them are you nuts.

My brother in law comes in nice guy tries some energy healing like that is going to help when they are feeding your Mom this stuff.

Now get this she eats this stuff and is constipated.

So they stick something up her but to make her go to the bathroom and instead they puncture something and she loses a lot of blood which then triggers her angina.

Now her angina was there before by her own bad food choices and lifestyle.

But These pricks sorry for the language have little clue on what the heck they are doing.

So in a short time she is gone.

I could go on and on about other stories did the same thing for my grandmother.

In my grandmothers situation my Aunts decided a vegeterian option would not give her the strength she needed so when I was away they switched it without me knowing then.

They are all brainwashed into thinking you need meat for strength.

Now that they have both passed on I am glad I did so.

I acted now it was up to the person involved to make there choices.

I would of loved to have seen the doctors face while Harley was asking those questions.

We have knowledge we need to share this with others especially in protecting people.

Harley, yes I want to know how your dad is doing now too?  My dad is full of cancer now.  He's been through radiation but no chemo.  it's so awful.  
   If only we chose to live congruent to what nourishes our bodies and builds our immune systems.

great post

I’m truly sorry to hear your father has cancer.

The problem with modern western medicine is:

You take a lot of very smart people and have them try to solve problems with the human body. Over the last 100 years they have dug so deep into what’s going on at the very low level that they fail to see the big picture.

Oncologist have been train to kill cancer.  But what if you kill the patient in the process? Or if the patient survives and recovers will the cancer come back? If so what do we do?

There is hope.

There are some (well a lot) of Doctors that see the flaw and are starting to look at the big picture more and more, it’s called Lifestyle Medicine.

Now it's to get the patients to see the big picture is becoming the problem.


Oh, this actually is old. How he doing now?



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