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Went to a Raw Food talk - Was I wrong to expect useful information?

I went to a music/boutique festival in Cambridgeshire England last weekend and was excited to find that that there was a talk about raw food! I turned up after a night with zero sleep but was still looking forward to meeting some like minded folks.

There were about 10 people attending the talk which was a depressingly small amount considering that there were 26,000 people at the festival. The lady who gave the talk was called Kate Wood and she was a really lovely lady. She asked about our knowledge of raw foods and I was the only one who knew anything at all. However, when I said that I followed Dr. Doug I knew from the look in her eyes that she wasn't going to be one of us but would fall on the side of high fat raw. :(

It turned out that indeed she was a follower of the high-fat clan and promoted superfood munching and seaweed slurping. She said that David Wolfe and Gabriel Cousens are the only ones to believe and to take all other teachers with a pinch of salt (probably literally). She promoted ideas that aren't based on scientific reasoning such as the frankly ridiculous enzyme theory. She said too much fruit causes blood sugar spikes. She thinks cacao is a gift for raw fooders. She thinks that dehydrating things is a great idea and all the other typical stuff. It was a depressing 2 hours!

Throughout the talk I was thinking "She must have something to sell if she is promoting all this stuff."
Guess what she gave us at the end -     http://www.rawliving.eu/

I should have said more about the stuff she was saying but I didn't want to be confrontational as it was her talk (and I was extremely tired).

Was I wrong to expect useful information or like minded people?

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The vast majority of raw foodists are in the high fat camp. So its not likely you'll find suitable food or beliefs at most raw food events. I've been to a few and enjoyed the music and yoga and dancing, and even nibbled some of the high fat food. But nutritionally speaking, I don't expect much from mainstream raw. I do have the sense that us low fat folks are gaining ground, so maybe our perspective will start showing up at more raw events.
I hope we're gaining ground. I guess the more people that turn to 80-10-10 and thrive the more it'll influence others. Maybe we'll reach a time when you can turn up at a random event and it'll be a LFRV theme. I wish I'd have asked her where she gets most of her calories from!
Mainstream raw. Haha. We really are outsiders in this world aren't we?
Lol....I jsut pulled out of a retreat with David Wolfe. It would have been a grating week of sales and ...just sales.
I signed up originally to find like minded enlightened minds, but HEY theres money to be made.
It's too bad you couldn't go to represent the other side of the story- there may be some people there who'd benefit from your experience!

I think what a lot of people are going after is the holy grail of extreem health, longevity, etc. and it is possible to attain in other less expensive ways.

I think they should mention 811 to be fair and acknowledge that it is a growing area of interest in the raw movement.. and a lot of people are thriving on fruit..
"Went to a Raw Food talk - Was I wrong to expect useful information?" Yes

As the others say, they have gotten away from original raw, just fresh whole plant food, and are all about fat and supplementation. But I agree that maybe we should participate in it more and more to take it back! I've shied away from my local support group, I can't stand all the food service there, so heavy and dehydrated and too strong-flavored, but maybe it would be a good idea to come as I am, it would be a good witness.
Yeah stand up for what's right instead of listening to the bull**** and then saying thanks and walking away. Next time they oughta watch out!
This seems to be the way it is often a those things. But I agree and think we LFRV's should go to more festivals and make ourselves known a bit more. Does anyone know of a web site or anything that has all the raw fests around the world. I see a few on here, but I have heard of many around, and then I always seem to miss them. They are fun, even it it is a lot of nuts and chocolate.

Also, we should totally have a LFRV fest, that would be awesome. :)
AGREED, lets have a lfrv fest!
So did you get to say that you have been on 811 for however long? At least you got Doug's name out there cause you are a great looking representative! Did anyone come up to you after and ask about Dr. Doug?
The thing is that I've only been LFRV for 6 months so I might not have convinced anyone that I was speaking more sense that the person doing the talk who had been raw for over 10 years. I've always said though that wisdom has nothing to do with age or how long you've been doing something. Wisdom is seeing the truth in things and that can be done in a heartbeat.
Hello TreeHugger,

No, you were not wrong to expect useful information. I too would have expected at least one beneficial lesson from such a talk. In fact, I like to think we can learn something new and beneficial to our existence anywhere, anytime, from anyone. If I had to guess, I would say that you learnt many lessons, even if one of them was to think twice before attending a similar event in the future :-).

When I went to my first and last raw food event, I was also expecting there to be many LFRV and even more like minded people. Luckily for me though, Dr Doug Graham was at this event. Also, I met some wonderful people and I am thankful that I went. Two of the people I met there are now great friends of mine. Nonetheless, the vast majority of attendees were still on the path towards all raw and unfortunately for them, quite a way off from a truly healthy diet.

So I guess my point is that theres always a lesson to be learnt from all experiences. There will surely be more LFRV very soon since it is a more healthful and successful way of living. High fat or other diets seem to cause the same, sometimes worse problems as the SAD or convetional diet most people follow.

Thankfully for you, they did not get any money out of you for the "superfoods" or gimmicks. Sadly, it seems that even something so wonderful and brilliant such as a raw food diet has caught the eye of money-hungry, snake like beings who are just after a quick buck or thousand. Hopefully one day, thanks to resources such as these forums and the internet, there will be more honest and genuine healthy living promoters such as Dr D, harley, free lea, and the others.

Just my two cents,

Love and peace, Mang0-Man



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