30 Bananas a Day!

LATELY lots of videos are being uploaded about the subject. 

Many people are saying "Why i dont longer followe a rt4 diet"

Havent gained any weight really, but i do eat till im full and never did UNLIMITED CALORIES, just not for me.. I have serious food allergies and my digestive system is already damaged and healing thanks to a vegan diet

( ive been almost 7 years vegan and its been my savior, plus I would never eat nor enslave an animal for the benefit of capitalism! I actively and politically march against it!)

But, returning to the point! 

I havent gained weight, i dont calorie restric EVEEER but i trust my body to eat till i am full. 

I have maintained my weight ( up and down 5lbs due to time of the month!) and its been the best ever! 

My youtube channel:

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A girl named Emily, I think her youtube is veganveins 

" Ask yourself if you are bringing your ED to Raw till 4..."

Couldnt have said it better...

Thats what i mean with ED mind....

But i wont rush to say that 100% of weight gainers are ED strugglers or have been. 

I still believe unlimited calories theory does not serve all

or there is an underlying cause/issue with the person... We are all different! 

Work hard so you earn/deserve/acquire quality food. I live in America and I can afford a room and a car, got a bike, I work a lot, live in a small metropolitan area, recently solved my melon belly problem so now I am BLESSED  that I can afford to eat fruit, dried, canned, juiced, fresh, and lots of veggies. yum! No die! Calorie intake will def go up! That's a good thing for me :)

100% of weight gainers on RT4 are ED crew for sure.

Thats why obese people do so well on this lifestyle. I SOOOO wish I could do body swaps with people for a year and hand em back something so fit and lean, they wouldnt know what to do with it.

If in doubt, people just have too look at myself or Freelee. Look at our diet vlog vids, blood tests and strava data. Nobody is as transparent as we are in the health community today. We be transparent cos we want others to have faith and clear direction.

Too many scammers out there doing weight loss drugs and marketing BS.

I love this

Durianrider what are you thoughts on those who say you are able to eat RT4 because you and Freelee ate completely raw for years.  Do you think healing on raw made any impact on how you are able to handle starches today?  

great question andi ^_^

Put a 500lb obese person on a corn/banana farm in Kenya. ALL they will be allowed to eat is corn, sugar, water and bananas. What is going to happen to them?

100% they will hit a sub 22 BMI in due time. They are too fat to walk far. Just dietary choices alone will change their metabolism. Then when they weight is less, if they want to get down to a 20BMI then sport will help with toning up etc.

I like being able to eat sweets after dinner! That's a necessity I think!

That might suggest you are not eating enough carbs for dinner.

A mineral deficiency

A pancreas that is not working 100%

All the people who think whole starches are more fattening than fruit are completely deluded.



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