30 Bananas a Day!

LATELY lots of videos are being uploaded about the subject. 

Many people are saying "Why i dont longer followe a rt4 diet"

Havent gained any weight really, but i do eat till im full and never did UNLIMITED CALORIES, just not for me.. I have serious food allergies and my digestive system is already damaged and healing thanks to a vegan diet

( ive been almost 7 years vegan and its been my savior, plus I would never eat nor enslave an animal for the benefit of capitalism! I actively and politically march against it!)

But, returning to the point! 

I havent gained weight, i dont calorie restric EVEEER but i trust my body to eat till i am full. 

I have maintained my weight ( up and down 5lbs due to time of the month!) and its been the best ever! 

My youtube channel:

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And why don't you share the recipe with us ? D:

I've gained weight on Raw till 4. Key word here is "weight" not fat! I feel like it is mostly from muscle gain and water retention (mostly). My body is healing after all that's what it does when it heals. It holds onto water. I made a blog post with photos here: http://www.30bananasaday.com/profiles/blogs/weight-is-just-a-number showing that even though I've gained weight I don't look anything like I used to at the same weight when I was eating an unhealthy SAD diet. Look how my skin cleared up and I don't look like a red marshmallow anymore.

And some reading for you:

First, it helps to understand what factors can cause water retention. Surprisingly, not drinking enough water is a main culprit. Water helps your liver convert fat into usable energy. If you don't drink enough, your kidneys are overwhelmed with concentrated fluids, and they will make your liver do extra work. Your liver works hard to turn your body fat into the energy that you use but if it has to do the kidney's work, then it simply hold onto the extra fat that would have been burned off if you simply had enough water.

And what's worse is that instead of excreting water and waste products, you body retains existing water to reuse. This is what causes water retention and bloating. When you don't get enough water, your body panics and holds on to it selfishly, as though you're in a famine. Dehydration thus can make you look bloated and fat instead of thin and taut. The best way to get rid of this water retention is to drink enough of it to return your body and its processes back to a normal equilibrium.

And a book: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0970245882/ref=s9_simh_gw_p14_d0_i...

What also helps your liver convert fat into usable energy, is a liver that is functioning at 100%.

I agree with you and have the same experience.  Weight gain as in muscle building, not fat.

Thanks for this discussion & comments!

thanks for joining!

well I have gain 7 lbs, but I know its because I have been eating a lot of vegan junk all the time and not drinking enough water (work and stuff). But this is the first time I have experience that, I'm sure once I star eating right and working out again it will go away as it did when I first stared. 

I gained weight during the first month.  But I also noticed more muscle definition, less poofiness.  So, I didn't gain fat, I just put on weight.

That leads me to believe that the weight that I gained is mostly due to building up glycogen stores that I have depleted with low carb dieting.

I'm two months in and I have a flat stomach.  I'm getting more and more defined and lean....  And I eat 4000 calories a day.  Currently I have transitioned to doing large mono-meals for 1000 calories or more to make digestion easier.

Oh yeah, and I don't get sore working out anymore.

Great Katia! Thanks for sharing your experience!

I am not 100% raw till 4, i eat as i please.. the thing is.. i tend to in a eat high carb low fat way, as i have almost for a decade been eating this way...

What i can say from personal experience is, ive been eating like this WAY BEFORE i came across this site, this youtubers, etc... I found it super cool cause i felt more people ate and believed and shared same ideas as i did...


So i super recommend NOT THIS PARTICULARLY PRETTY NAMED DIET, but I truly embarking this lifestyle of high carb low fat.. 

Forget its a diet... i know it has saved a lot of people who needed to lose the weight for health issues, it even healed people with ED!

But stop thinking of it as a diet.. I could have NEVER EVER do a "diet" for 10 years, or even think a "diet" for the rest of my life...nono... 

There is more to this than weight loss and gain... THats why i started this topic.. 

I seriously want to share that i have been doing high carb low fat cooked starched since a long time and i dont necesarily train nor do any active sport, nor have done during this past years...some pilates, some yoga..mostly a lot of walking to and from places... 

Your body knows!

Trust yourself! 

See, the thing is you've been eating this way a long time. Some of us come from eating disorders and cannot follow our bodies on our own yet because

1- I will restrict

2- I will eat fat and protein

So I need guidelines for about a year to get started... And Freelee is the only person in the raw food movement who tells us exactly what she eats. Before I followed David Wolfe and others and had no idea what to eat.



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