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I know i'm like the millionth person to ask this question, but i'm hoping more experienced people can help me out.  i've been on the rawtil4 lifestyle for almost a year now.  i'm about half the time rawtil4, and half 100% raw. I expected to gain since i was restricting before, however its been almost a year and i'm stil not seeing weight loss results.  im not sure exactly how much i've gained as i don't weigh myself but none of my clothes fit me anymore, and its very discouraging. i just weighed myself and im a bit over 145lb and only 5'5. 

I think i'm doing everything right...just wondering why its not working.  I have been eating the recommended calories, drinking enough water, getting enough sleep, and exercising.  I am usually under the 10% fat and protein ration, eating very high carb, and low salt.  I know that everyone is different and that everyone loses at different points throughout their own journey and have a lot of faith in this lifestyle. 
I'm just wondering if others can share their experiences with me.  if it took them over a year to see any weight loss results, or if i'm doing something wrong.  Can anyone tell me when they started losing (even though i know its different for everyone)?

i have talked to a lot of people who, like me, have been sticking to this lifestyle for year, 2 years+ and have still not lost any of the 20+ pounds they have gained from the rawtil4 lifestyle and its making me wonder if perhaps this amount of calories isn't necessary, and maybe eating this much doesn't get results to everyone.

 another thing is that it is still hard for me to get in the recommended calories.  I do it, however it really is force feeding 70% of the time.  getting in that amount of food is just really hard for me.  sometimes its easy, yet other times i feel satiated with only 1500 calories, or even less! so if anyone has any tips i would so appreciate it!

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I've only been on this diet for a short amount of time... So I can't help you with the long term questions.

What I wanted to mention is don't continue eating if you're full. I'm not doing a bunch of physical activity yet. So I don't worry about getting a high calorie count. I eat then stop when full whether its pounds and pounds of fruit in one sitting or not.

Eat till you're full then stop. Doesn't matter if you get hungry shortly thereafter... Don't stuff yourself silly if you're no longer hungry. Eating beyond you're satiation level is one aspect of how people do this diet that I'm not sure is needed. If you're having an active day then eat more. 

aw, didn't mean to make you cry! i feel the same way, but at the same time a see a lot of people who have gotten results from this lifestyle.  But for every 1 success i also see 5 failures of people who have been doing this for years, and just never got results.  this is why i'm thinking maybe this works for some, but not for everyone. 

even if i decide to get off the rawtil4 lifestyle i will be vegan (as i was before i came to this lifestyle) and high carb low fat.  i'm just thinking that this amount of calories just isn't working for me, especially when many times i have to force feed myself to a point where i feel very uncomfortably full in order to get the recommended calorie intake for the day. 


How old are you?

Don't listen to your "Food Pyramid" parents, but I know that kind of environment makes you question your self.

Hi Mar,

What was your eating pattern and food choices before RT4?

RT4 will not make you gain "more and more weight" thinking like this will affect many things going on it your body. It really sounds like your putting to much pressure on your self to look a certain way. This is a body and mind healing way of eating, healing does not happen over night nor in one year for most people. Our bodies in most cases have a substantial amount of damage, most we might not even know about.

Have you or are you taking BC?

Do you drink?

I strongly suggest a saliva hormone test, you can order it online. If your hormones are not in balanced healing and weight loss can be difficult. Also mental clarity and your mood can be affected. If you have any vitamin or mineral deficiency, it can also effect the above mentioned.  

If you are following this way of eating and crying about how you look, this would tell me there is some other stuff going on. Can you speed up the healing? Yes, but this takes commitment to your self and building a knowledge base.    

i feel your pain. I'm also 4 months in and feeling fat- none of my clothes fit and my parents think I'm making such a stupid mistake. I'm sure it will work though. persistance is key.  i feel it would be such a waste of time and effort to stop now just becouse I've gained weight.

Even our parents say the wrong things.  They want the best but sometimes they are led by their own jealousy rather than a pride in what you've done with your life.  Don't let their words dictate how you feel or what you do.  If you want to lose weight to model, then make sure you are drinking alot of water (your weight in pounds, divide by 2, and that number drink in ounces) exercise really hard about 3 times per week and PRACTICE thinking good thoughts, making a pattern in your life of good and encourage yourself to do better.  Look for the positive and progress and keep going!  Hugs to you and SMILE!! :)

You're doing great.  Sorry for the misunderstanding.  I completely know that I don't want to end up my the rest of my family...if they're not overweight, they're skinny by restriction and over-exercise, but I'm doing something wrong by eating mainly fruit and veggies!

Anyway, I'd say if you really want to model and drop the weight, then do as much raw as possible.  Drink plenty of water and keep a log which will help you see where you can improve.  You'll be surprise by how fast the weight will fall off.  Give yourself time to regulate and you'll begin to see the progress.  Best wishes!

i feel the same way.  my dad is really superficial and because i was at a really good weight before i hopped on this diet following a vegan diet.  i actually don't go to visit him anymore b/c he keeps telling me to stop eating, whenever i eat.  and constantly tells me to stop eat fruit b/c its making me fat...which right now it kinda is. 

I just posted asking about weight 2 days ago, and said the same thing, I'm not sure this is for everyone. I'm three months in and gaining a lot of weight. my skin hasn't clear, insomnia not better etc. I'm not throwing in the towel yet, but I'm very unhappy. I also, will always be vegan regardless.

Do a saliva hormone test, you can order one online.

Get a multivitamin supplement from one of these



With iron only if you have had a blood test and need it.

Get a liquid mineral supplement like this


Is the food your eating organic? If you live in the states, I don't mean USDA Organic

Do you have a past of digestive problems, or still have some signs of one?

Is there anything else going on health wise?

Sometimes changing the food we eat is not enough, sometimes change takes longer for people.

thanks so much for taking the time to reply.  and no i don't have any other problems.  i eat mostly monomeals so digestion is really good.  i do eat organic, which in the states is USDA organic. 

thanks so much for your suggestions but may i ask what these supplements do/why they help? and what a saliva hormone test will determine?

"USDA Organic" is not organic.

The most serious degradation of national organic standards occurred in October 2005. In a back room deal the Organic Trade Association lobbied Congress to legalize the adulteration of organic food with basically any toxic additive a manufacturer may want to use, including substances that do not need to appear on ingredient panels. More than 400,000 consumers contacted their government representatives asking them not to weaken organic standards in such a way, but agribusiness influences prevailed. As a result, food bearing the 'USDA Organic' seal no longer needs to be natural food.

If your hormones are not balanced, if you have a vitamin and/or mineral deficiency it can be very hard to become healthy and balanced, loose weight if you must. I'd say 98.9 of the people I help have one or all of these problems.

A saliva hormone test can determine what is needed to be re-balanced as far as your hormones are concerned.



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