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I know i'm like the millionth person to ask this question, but i'm hoping more experienced people can help me out.  i've been on the rawtil4 lifestyle for almost a year now.  i'm about half the time rawtil4, and half 100% raw. I expected to gain since i was restricting before, however its been almost a year and i'm stil not seeing weight loss results.  im not sure exactly how much i've gained as i don't weigh myself but none of my clothes fit me anymore, and its very discouraging. i just weighed myself and im a bit over 145lb and only 5'5. 

I think i'm doing everything right...just wondering why its not working.  I have been eating the recommended calories, drinking enough water, getting enough sleep, and exercising.  I am usually under the 10% fat and protein ration, eating very high carb, and low salt.  I know that everyone is different and that everyone loses at different points throughout their own journey and have a lot of faith in this lifestyle. 
I'm just wondering if others can share their experiences with me.  if it took them over a year to see any weight loss results, or if i'm doing something wrong.  Can anyone tell me when they started losing (even though i know its different for everyone)?

i have talked to a lot of people who, like me, have been sticking to this lifestyle for year, 2 years+ and have still not lost any of the 20+ pounds they have gained from the rawtil4 lifestyle and its making me wonder if perhaps this amount of calories isn't necessary, and maybe eating this much doesn't get results to everyone.

 another thing is that it is still hard for me to get in the recommended calories.  I do it, however it really is force feeding 70% of the time.  getting in that amount of food is just really hard for me.  sometimes its easy, yet other times i feel satiated with only 1500 calories, or even less! so if anyone has any tips i would so appreciate it!

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I've been doing a type of RT4 before it was started.  I've been eating this way for 2.5 years (wow, that went by fast!) and the BIGGEST change that I made was DROPPING ALL SALT/SODIUM.  If you have not done this, then try it.  I had to do this because I swell a ton :) when I'm pregnant and so I drop the sodium and have skinny legs as long as I eat really well!  Anyway, I stopped eating anything that had added sodium and didn't put or add any salt to my cooked meals.  Tomatoes and celery have a naturally salty taste, so I would season things with those.

I've eaten more fat (good fats like p.b. and oils) and have continued to lose weight, but when I have alot of salt...just "normal" light salting...I swell, gain weight, and it takes a good two or three days before I drop that 2-3 pounds.  Yup, just one wrong meal can make me start gaining weight.  The days I am 100% raw I can drop more weight, but I still stick to eating my cooked and smaller meal (I have raw food with it) at lunchtime and end the day with banana ice cream or watermelon (in season now).  I was EXACTLY where you are and I've slowly (because of eating salt) lost the weight and am down 15lbs.  I actually gained the weight the first winter because we didn't have bananas available (cheapest fruit for us) AND ate junky and didn't lose anymore weight before expecting our next child.  Cleaned up the eating, lost the baby-weight in about 9 days and then have been losing this previous babies weight since!  Seeing progress helps alot.  

I keep a daily log of everything I eat and drink and how I feel and how it affects me.  Also, exercise when the thought comes to your mind...drop and do as many push-ups as you can, or lunges or go for a run (around the house/office?!)  Change your state of mind and began believing that you ARE able to do this!  See food as fuel that you can enjoy!

As far as calories go...I ate 4500-6000 calories with both of my vegan pregnancies and only gained around 30 which I quickly lost.  I don't count the calories anymore, but I do eat whenever I feel hungry and until I feel just past satiated.  I am also more active and nursing and so I must eat 1/2 a large watermelon and then a p.b. banana (6-8) ice cream before lunchtime.  I know that I eat enough calories because I eat pretty close to when I was expecting.

One more thing, I started eating less rice and more veggies and also lost weight.  I have a plateful of zucchini or corn and peas sauteed with rice...but not more than about 1/2 cup cooked.  I still salt the rice, so that might be it, but I am really not used to eating it with no salt - would rather go without and fill up on the veggies!

I hope this helps, gives you some hope that you can do it with just a tiny bit of tweaking!  Don't give up, don't give in, don't be discouraged~!  Think on the future that will be soon when you are seeing the progress of dropping the weight. Oh, and do some exercise...muscles uses more calories to work and is leaner as well! :)

If you are "craving" salt or find yourself reaching for it, It's a very good chance you have a mineral deficiency....

thanks for your reply! i first want to say i think its great you had vegan pregnancies! i actually hardly ever add any salt to my diet.  i will add a hot sauce to certain foods, but again i don't do it that often at all.  and i do workout a few times a week.  thanks again for your input i really appreciate it. 

Listen to your body, eat till your full. Getting in touch with your body is a big part of becoming healthy and healing.

Thanks for speaking up. Every time someone who is gaining on RT4 posts, I benefit from all the great responses and ideas that come back & it helps to stay encouraged. 

You guys  need to join a sports team, do endurance sports...seriously. I mean...diet alone isn't enough to get your body healed. Train train train train train. Have goals. Get a coach. Do races. Fit. Lean. Brah. Nasty. It's that simple.

well i do high intensity workouts pretty regularly

ha ha, true, BananaStates, the more calories i eat (i average minimum 3500 a day), the more i find myself stretching, standing, walking, cycling, kneeling, squatting, every second of the day. the only times i sit are when i'm on the loo, or when i am laying down to sleep :-)

any tips or posts on how to train?

wait i always hear people saying listen to your body and eat until your full, but sometimes i feel pretty full but after eating ill feel exhausted (i used to get a ton of energy after eatign) and i wasnt sure if this is a sign im not eating enough? i eat like 2000-2500 cals a day

i feel the same way.  like yesterday i really had to force feed myself like 900 calories to get in the recommended amount. 

i just watched freelee and DR's video and i'm a bit confused.  are they saying i should just eat what feels comfortable instead force feeding myself to get in 2000-2500+ calories?

i adore them, but sometimes it seems like they contradict eachother, like freelee says to "smash down all the carbs" but also says "dont eat until you feel like youll vomit" and then to make it more confusing durianrider says you should eat until you feel like youre gonna vomit!! so hard to tell what to do then!



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