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Weight release stand still - any advice would be appreciated :)

Its been 11 weeks now on 811.  

I have felt fantastic throughout the process, losing weight and gaining energy and happiness with which I am so pleased.

However, since the 8 week mark my weight release has been at a stand still.. well rather I have gained 1 - 2 kg and for the past 2 weeks I have felt sluggish, depressed and generally lacking in energy.

Nothing has changed... I am eating my adequate amount of calories from sweet fruit (around 2500 per day), I am not eating any overts at this stage, I am drinking on average 4 litres of water per day, I get around 9 hours of sleep per night and I excercise around 45 minutes on average per day but I still feel 'MEH'

I don't want to focus on losing weight, I really don't.  But being as overweight as I am it is a big deal and important that I continue to lose NOT gain.

Has anyone experienced this in the beginning of their journey, granted I am only 3 months in and the weight released has been phenomenal so far, but I want to know if i should change things up , or expect to gain more or what? Is what I am doing maintaining my weight (in your opinion) and does anyone have any suggestions to kick it into gear?

My weight obviously plays a big role in my mood - it is something that I am trying to work on but will take time.  After living a life that was full of disgust for myself, shame and abhorrence. I guess I need reassurance that I am on the right track.

I know there is a lot of talk about 'not focusing on weight' - but take it from someone who is obese - this is no easy feat.

Any guidance or advice would be appreciated greatly.

Kindest thanks


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Everyone hits a platou if you will, your body becomes use to the routine, so switch it up a bit, you could also be healing at this time, have no fear as long as you stay relitivily close to 811 you are not going to gain weight, a ound or five could be water it could be salt, it will dissapear. just know that you are doin your body good by exercising, eating 811 and having positive thoughts, negitive thoughts are acid and acid likes to hold onto weight (fat and mucus) so get those acid thoughts right out of your hear and stay positive, just keep doing what your doin ,maybe change up your exercise routine a bit and do something fun, try p90x or something really challanging. or not go with the flow....... love and peace to ya
Yes I agree, most people hit a plateau. Variety is a always a good thing, changing up your exercise routine from week to week.

I hear you, that it is hard - it is hard what you are doing, shedding layers and going within.
and although I understand being obese means you have a focus point on your weight, just remember your self has to keep up too.
You will loose the weight if you continue this lifestyle, but to continue this lifestyle you have to keep up with your inner being, so without changing what you are doing, I suggest listening to this current feeling of ''MEH'' and sitting with that feeling maybe meditation for an example.
(not instead of exercising but ALSO)

trust your body through these changes.
You are on the right track!

Sending you lots of support!
Wow, Swayze, good for you doing Cathe's STS! Yikes. I like her step dvds but I'm not crazy about her weight workouts. And the STS is over the top! Let us know how it works for ya...

Lots of people here do it, if you want support: http://firmbelivers.yuku.com/directory
Unless you have to reach a certian weight for some medical reason do not focus on weight. Vary your routeins and your body will start dropping weight again. A better measurement is clothing. If you clothing is fitting better and you are needing to buy smaller sizes your are losing weight. Remember that weight has three detentions water, fat and muscle. Always enter some type of resistance training if you are able.

Most weight loss in the beginning is water than fat starts to burn. Once you body feels that fat is burning at a higher than normal rate it will slow down. Fat is a fuel that the body uses when cals are not at optimal levels. The goal is to burn more than you are putting into your body. Do some reading on the kreb cycle and you will have a better understanding of the science of weight loss. ADP and ATP are the fuels that your body uses to create energy this burning fat. Never chase weight work on feeding the kreb cycle and your body will find its homeostasis.

Hi Carrie,

Here's Dr. Graham's advice for someone in a similar situation:

Gaining fat is always about more calories going in than going out.

If you cut calorie intake by 100 or 200 calories per day, you should
notice a difference in a few weeks.

You can read it here:

All the best,


P.S. If you don't want to cut your calories you can always add more exercise. For instance you can add a brisk 45 minute walk to your normal exercise routine or jump rope for 15 minutes.
Hmmm have not experienced a "good feeling" yet... atleast not long term.. am 7 weeks in (contiguous)... I lost my weight last year... have been stable since.
Hi Keenan (and in reply to Apple Man also)

I eat 3-4 times a day.

**General day**

8am outta bed - 1 lite water
9am - 1000cal smoothie (whether it be all banana/ or banana/ mango .. banana/date

Between this and next meal I will drink another litre on average.

Around noon (when I start to feel like i could eat) 1-2 whole cantaloupe or bag of pears, watermelon etc something juicy and filling.

Between this I will drink another 1-2 litres on average.

between 4pm and 5pm... either another banana mix smoothie - or a green smoothie (banana based) or a bunch of dates/ datOrade or a pure green smoothie and some oranges ..

More water :)

around 8pm - Only If i am working late I will have a 4th 'meal' but generally it will be 10-12 squeezed oranges.

Excercise - I walk daily (varying my distances and pace on average 30 mins) . I also ride daily to and from work. (6km). It is not much I guess when you look at it like that. Finding time when you are cooped up at work all day is hard arrgghh..

But in terms of mixing it up... I am starting Roller Derby next week , Wednesdays and Sundays 3 hours a night! So, that should help I guess..



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