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Advice from HCRV-Youtuber : Restrict your calories and you get lean

At first, watch this :


I'm absolutely confused. Everybody here keeps telling "Eat as much as you want", "You can't overeat on fruit/carbs" and "Keep eatin' and you get lean, it just takes time".

What now ? I've already gained 10 kilograms in the last 6 months (muscle and water I think) and my clothes don't fit right anymore. 

edit : I'm following this lifestyle about a year now, there were times I was more 60/20/20 or not really raw. Before I was vegan and had a slim body for two years. Daily exercise, which means 30 mins of HIIT/aerobic (huge interruption last winter) and enough sleep. My salt intake is very low.

At the moment I'm more Raw Till 4 than HCRV.

The only thing I'm really struggling with is water, there are days I don't even drink 2 litres at all. Could this be the missing link ?

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Most of the people who gain weight either come from a calorie restriction (or ED) background or are not consistent eating "high" calories day in and day out.

You say you've gained 10 kilos. How long have you been eating like this? Are you eating 100% raw or not? What's your diet and daily routine like? 

Thank you Martin :) See my "edit" and the added "in the last 6 months" to "I've gained 10 kilograms".

In the beginning of their raw journey they severely under ate for a long time.  When that happens you will gain when you start to eat more again.  They did not experiment with eating as much as they wanted but rather made sure they never ate enough to gain "too much" weight.  So this has heavily influenced their ideas.  Weight gain is not the only way to judge about how much to eat by a long shot.  Try their approach and others like them if you want.  You can always come back to 30BaD.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4fe_CWOUNNY

Lots of good reading here about the hows and whys of 30BaD way: Aloha to 30BaD's Welcome Wagon!

And water is a huge part of the lifestyle, I highly recommend reading the book Your Body's Many Cries For Water.

So, this "eating less on 80/10/10" is something different from 30bad. I'm stayin' here, guys :)


I'm consistently eating high calories and have not calorie restricted except for an 18 month period in 2006-2007 (the only time I ever lost weight in my life).  I gained 30 pounds on a high-carb unrestricted calorie diet in the past 2 years.  Also, I broke out in terrible acne.  I have also had some other weird health issues of an unknown cause, such as bad digestion, an infection in my toe that lasted over a year and caused me to lose my toenail twice, a really bad respiratory infection, and a bizarre allergic reaction of unknown origin that caused me to swell up like a balloon with itchy hives.  I really don't want to restrict my calories, because I get horrible cravings, and then I have binge behaviors.  I just want to know why I'm having these crazy issues and why I have gained weight.

How's your raw-food-experiment going ? I really wish for you to find out what's holding you back, Greenmama. Maybe more yoga/exercise and a 90-100% fruit-diet ?

Thanks for asking, Katharina!  I fell off on Day 19 and Day 20 and had a cooked dinner on those days, but now am back eating fully raw. I am working on increasing my exercise and on managing my stress better.  I will keep at it.  I do seem to have a little bit of digestive distress after my salad meals, particularly around my PMS/ period times, when my acne and constipation also flares up.  However, my salad meal seems to satisfy my savory cravings and keep me away from cooked food, so I am not enthusiastic to give it up.  I am making YouTube videos so you can follow my journey there, too.

no matter what diet you do calorie restriction is never comfortable or fun. I'd feel under fueled and crummy. I doubt iw as designed to slowly starve all my life. screw that. I wanna eat. I dont care what diet i do i'm eating plain and simple and if i have to restrict to maintain weight or loose it then somethings wrong. I shouldnt have to be uncomfortable physically to achieve some number on a scale.

if your eating less and your feel satiated and fine hey knock yourself out. maybe some people require a little less then the net guy. If i ate 2000 calories a day and felt just fine and totally fueled up I'd do it why not so long as my weight was fine and i felt great. But I'd never sit around and restrcit my intake purposely to the point of being uncomfortable and starving myself. that makes no sense.

Well, this absolutely makes sense to me. Thank you so much, Jim !

Water is super important. Water regulates your metabolism. It is another reason why fruits are so good for you, they are high water content foods. That being said you cannot skip the water. Drink a minimum of half your body weight in ounces of water per day. Start when you get up first thing in the morning. It is the easiest to drink water in the morning because your container (your body) is empty. If you wait until the afternoon to start drinking it is much harder to get enough in. Remember your body is 70% water, not orange juice!

I am drinking a liter of water on rising and usually 2-3 more throughout the day. 



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