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Hey Guys

I've gained quite a lot of weight on this lifestyle. I have PCOS and am wondering if this diet suits people with this condition.

Whats been your experience?? :)

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My wife is not on this diet, but has PCOS.  The biggest benefit for her was keeping an ultra-strict daily workout of 30 minutes a day.  Every day.  Half-hour minimum.  That basically helps regulate your insulin levels, from what I understand.

Basically out of nowhere she gained weight, got depressed, was tired all the time, and had low energy - which is unusual for someone under 30 with a reasonably active lifestyle.  We saw a ton of doctors, finally found out it was PCOS, saw a special doctor for it, and he put her on a specific exercise & diet plan.  Nothing fancy, but she is basically required to do 30 minutes of any kind of exercise a day (cardio or strength training), which is very difficult when you're fighting fatigue & depression from the PCOS itself & your energy is constantly low to begin with, and also do a dietary tweak.  The benefit with the exercise is that the results are fast, so once you get into the groove of managing it, it's pretty easy - just have to stay on the wagon!

As far as the food thing, he required her to have protein every few hours starting within like 30 minutes of waking up (might have been 60 minutes, don't remember exactly).  She does things like beef jerky, cheese, etc.  On a fruitarian diet, I'm not sure.  It's not a super high-protein diet, but then again, I don't know if you need high protein so much as just some protein, period.  How often do you personally eat right now?  How are your mood swings?  I don't know how an HCRV diet would actually correlate to giving you results with PCOS, but I don't see why it wouldn't work as long as you're following the PCOS management rules.  I would say try raw vegan with this:

1. Exercise 30 minutes, every single day (note: doesn't have to be strenuous, brisk walk etc. is fine).

2. Eat within an hour of waking up.

3. Eat every few hours throughout the day.  Meal, snack, meal, snack, etc.

If you struggle with it, make a tracking sheet or a food dairy of some kind & write down what you do for food (and when) & track your exercise every day.  That provides you with the data to know that you're staying on track with the 3 things above.

Note that I am not a doctor & it's probably still best to get a doctor's advice about dealing with it.  All I can relate is my personal experience.  My wife's life basically tanked for a long period of time until we not only got it figured out, but got her in the habit of doing the quantity of exercise & eating schedule.  It was really, really hard for her to stick with the exercise plan & eating that constantly for the first couple of weeks (which was weird because it was never an issue before, but due to the low energy from PCOS, it was hard to get over that bump in the road), but once she got super strict about it & made sure she was doing both the food & the exercise EVERY day, she perked right up.

From what I understand, there is no cure for it, so it's pretty much a lifetime management thing like Type I diabetes.  Fortunately the management requirements aren't too harsh if you can buckle down & get past the initial speedbumps of actually making it happen, instead of fighting it; those requirements actually do work, at least in my wife's case.  If she goes off the program for more than a few days, I won't sugarcoat it - she turns into a mess.  No energy, super emotional, and all the other stuff I'm sure you're already familiar with.  I'm sure you know all of this stuff already since you've been dealing with it, but pretty much it boils down to (1) get your 30 minutes of PT in, and (2) eat every few hours.

If you are successful with doing that on fruit, please respond back, I'm curious to know if the fruit offers enough protein to help manage the insulin levels & whatnot.  I read a book on Type II diabetes & the fruitarian diet and it seems to work out really really well for people suffering from that, so I suspect it would be the same for dealing with PCOS...sufficient protein coupled with lots of nutrients in the raw fruit.  Just one final thing...it's not an either/or type of deal, it's a both kind of thing (exercise AND diet), and it has to be a 100% thing (not like skipping meals or not doing much exercise & still counting it as doing it)...the results you get are the proof of what you're actually executing in terms of following the food & workout plan.

Try HIIT with running. I had PCOS 8+ years and cured it, actually flipping to Hypothalamic Amenorrhea (the opposite). HCLF vegan healed that in 3 months...sooo seeing you're already on this lifestyle, do HIIT few times a week and you should stay balanced!

I would think that the lifestyle, i.e. high carb, high fruit, low fat and moving your body everyday would suit women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome...I'm not an MD nor a gynecologist however, so why the fuck would my opinion or the opinion of anyone else on the Internet matter? 

I mean, there's things that one can read out there about the syndrome, which I did and basically the "treatment" for PCOS falls right in line with what HCLF lifestyle preaches....From WebMD: 

Healthy lifestyle

  • If you are overweight, weight loss may be all the treatment you need. A small amount of weight loss is likely to help balance your hormones and start up your menstrual cycle and ovulation.
  • Eat a balanced diet that includes lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat dairy products.
  • Get regular exercise to help you control or lose weight and feel better.
  • If you smoke, consider quitting. Women who smoke have higher levels of androgens than women who don't smoke.1

Soooooo there it is.... I think you're likely on the right track, but as the two "leaders" of this lifestyle have stated before, weight gain on this lifestyle initially, quite commonly is normal and a sign that the body is attempting to heal it's metabolism... Whether you agree/disagree with that is on you and whether or not you think you can ride it out and stick with this Vegan lifestyle is gonna be on you...If you don't feel right I would encourage you to really take a step back and examine what you're eating, i.e. ask yourself how much fat and sodium you're really taking in.... Just not eating animal products isn't some magical ticket to healthy town where disease and syndrome's aren't possible... You have to really buckle down and smash in the plant-based and plant foods that are nutrient dense. I don't know how long you've been at the lifestyle, but give it time...like years... and then see what it does for you and how you feel. 



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