30 Bananas a Day!

Okay so from my posts i know i may say 'oh ive gained weight' or feel like i have, but seriously now. I know my body. I know i've gained weight. Im not saying i had a thigh gap but my thighs were definitely a lot slimmer before and i had a smaller 'stomach' area.
Recently, i've noticed my thighs aren't as slim and it feels like my stomach is constantly bloated/podged!
It may be because the lack of cardio THIS WEEK. Ive been working everyday so ive had no time to do so, however i still do my normal at home routine, squats, pushups, weights etc.
Its pissing me off so much because its like, this month has been a really bad month for me. ive binged, ate shit, ate healthy, restricted, over ate. This may play some part in this weight gain but i dont think it really is as the morning after i eat crappy, im not 'fat' or nor have i gained a lot of weight. - and ive not done it a lot. 
The days where i've ate healthy, ive woken up heavier, looking fatter, etc.
I dont know if its just this raw till 4 jazz just catching up with me, having all this fruit sugar when im not using it to its advantage (exercising enough) or what.
I want to try the starch solution, however, the thought of having oats in the morning is scaring the CRAP out of me. I feel comfortable going for a run and then having a banana smoothie, not a banana baked porridge. The thought of eating a cooked lunch like its odd to me, its easier to just grab fruit and be on my way.
I really hope someone can help me by either giving me tips with foods, exercise, starch solution and raw till 4. Raw till 4 doesn't work for everyone and i have a feeling im one of them people. I was thinking of going fully raw but i know right now, its not going to work (for now) Im getting really down about this as i lost 20lbs of weight and i do NOT want it coming back. I do NOT want people noticing my weight gain when i have photos on facebook/tumblr of me looking smaller than i am now. I dont want friends or family to say or even think that ive gained weight when i used to get told i was too skinny at one point - which was music to my ears lol. 
Thanks guys.

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I don't get it, why would you go off raw fruit that you declare you are happy to eat to go on cooked starch?

To try something different. I like eating fruits yeah but am i happy with this odd weight gain? No. Ive seen amazing results from people going from raw till 4 to starch. With the same experiences or roughly the same as me. Im sick of having unwanted fat. I want to be lean, not skinny fat. Ive always gone by the whole 'eat enough calories for you' not because someone said to eat 4000 calories. If i dont exercise and im 5ft 2, and if lets say, 1700 calories is enough for me in THAT day, then that should be it! I feel like im forcing myself to eat unwanted calories even though i know if i dont eat 100 calories one day from a 'target' of calories, i wont neither gain or lose weight.

How long have you had an eating disorder.

I dont like calling it that nor do i like saying i have that. I probably have the tendencies of an eating disorder but im not that skinny enough i think to really have it. But to answer your question, its escalated this year, in the past 6/7 months. 

Well I'm a don't beat around the bush kind of guy, we have lots of ED people and you have hit all the highlights.

Unfortunately I have never had an ED and am not the best person to counsel you (as I don't relate), other than to reiterate that if you eat 20-30 pieces of fruit per day, with a lettuce/greens meal in there you will be as lean as you want in the long term and you;ll be full and happy and energetic.  THere are simply too many people who do this and make this their reality.

Unfortunately it is more complicated for ED people.  It can take a year or two to go through this healing process.  Freelee herself did not start losing weight for over a year, she did a video on it recently.  But she is as lean as you can get now.

So please, stick around here and keep it simple.  Drinkthe recommended amount of water, get at least 8 hours of sleep maybe more, and eat 20-30 pieces of fruit per day with a vegetable meal or rt4 meal here and there.

Raw fruits and vegetables are the no brainer long term solution.

See, this is where i think not. People who exercise daily then yeah, they're using that sugar up! I personally think its like with everything in moderation. Why over eat on 15 bananas in one sitting if you prefer having 5? And if 5 make you feel better then yeah.
She is lean because she exercises a lot. I love exercising but recently, i dont have the time to be doing it everyday/every so day. Call me lazy? Whatever. I do something at home at least everyday though.
i could never eat 20-30 fruits per day. Who does that? Thats just silly, im sorry but yeah.

It takes a s**t load of sugar overdose before your body typically will start creating fats from it, so you can forget the anxiety on that issue. That's what the science and the studies say. I mean you need to fulfill total daily caloric needs (at least 2000 for an average moderately active female) then you have to restore full glycogen stores  (short term sugar stores) in the liver, which again in a female might be 400 grams?? plus muscle glycogen (depends on fitness levels) lets say *at least* another 1500 calories stored. If you have more, then your body will prioritize tissue reconstruction / repairs / healing work etc.

You will also naturally burn more mental energy, as more to spare, so your thinking will be sharper. THEN if you are still eating "too much" your body will start to want to move, walk around, fidget, do stuff, etc. THEN it will start to burn off excess sugars as body heat. FINALLY if you have really eaten a s**t load of calories, theoretically, it can start to convert a very small amount of those sugars into fats, and it uses a lot of sugar about 30%, just to fuel that process. So it's not an efficient process, and the body typically doesn't like doing it.

Once you teach your body that you philosophically now believe in abundance and not lack, it will take a while for it to rebound and start to trust you. So yeah, it might store up some supplies for a while. But once you are consistent, I believe everybodies body will eventually just come back to their perfect healthy lean weight and stay there. I don't think it's a good idea to "overeat" during this phase, but you don't seem to be anywhere near that problem. By overeat I mean eating until you're full and then continuing to eat because mentally you think you need to. You should trust your body and stop when you are full. By the same token, eat again when you are hungry again. Listen to your body, but feed it healthy high carb vegan foods. If fruit is an issue go McDougall style, while eating as much fruit as you can afford or want to.

Studies showed that the human sugar to fat system will only come into effect after people eat a significant excess of pure sugars day after day after day. We are not like cows and pigs who have a different biology than us and can much more readily convert sugars to fat.

Is it wise to eat 6000 calories a day from table sugar? No... Is it rational to eat only 1500 calories a day and worry about getting fat from carb foods - absolutely not. And don't fear table sugar either. You also shouldn't fear 2000, or 2500 or 3000 calories a day either whatsoever. Your body will adapt to the increased calories, and improve muscle and organ efficiency, grow glands and if you are consistent it will adapt and find ways to put all that extra energy to good use in ways you can't see necessarily over night, but over a year you will.

If you eat a bucket of fried chicken or deep fried potato chips or guzzle nuts tahini and olive oil, studies show that THAT will start going to your fat cells within minutes, with the rest glugging up your blood stream and coating cells in fat which means your pancreas has to produce lots more insulin to transport sugar and fat into the cells, and insulin is a powerful growth hormone. So all of that WILL make you fat FAST.

The body typically burns a mixture of fat and sugar together. So if you are eating a higher sugar diet (aka high carb) then it stands to reason the body will need to get the fat it's burning from your excess body fat, which it will do, even at rest. It rarely burns all sugar or all fat. Only during exercise like sprinting it might convert to basically 90+% sugar, Sugar provides the power, and fat provides the endurance. Even at rest, it's around 50/50. So if you are eat 80/10/10 (80 sugar 10 fat) again it stands to reason that your body is going to be burning body fat. Of course this is over time, in the long term. If you want to have things happen over night it's not really possible. It can take up to a year for people's body weight to balance out if they have an eating disorder while the body adjusts.

The beauty of this lifestyle is you can start feeling good on the inside TODAY, never starve, never deprive yourself of nourishment and nutrition, and sustain it long term for the rest of your life, and for most people lean out to their normal natural body weight quickly, or at most in a year

I recommend Dr. McDougalls books, The Starch Solution for example, and the book 80/10/10. On veganism also The World Peace Diet.




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