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So I began the painful process of slowly weaning off of my coffee again. I would really appreciate any tips or advice. I get terrible headaches and can't seem to do it slow enough but really just want to get on with it. Thanks:)

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Maybe try replacing the coffee with a green tea initially, then slowly start to build in decaf green tea, until you're entirely off the caffeine.

The caffeine will be causing the bulk of the problem but part of the headache is that you're not hydrated or sleeping enough.  I still drink coffee from time to time but when I went down from spending £150 per month on coffee to around £15 per month I didn't get any headaches as I made sure I was sleeping enough at night and kept on top of my hydration. 

Good luck with the journey. 


Thanks. I've been doing just that..lots of sleep and staying hydrated. I'm only 2 days in and I'm just impatient :) I picked up some green lemongrass tea yesterday. It's crazy how addictive caffeine is.No magic pill, just patience, I guess. I will prevail! Thanks again :)

I recently got off coffee and it feels great! I'm several weeks without it now and can see it was a good choice.

Maybe having some decaf at times might help you wean off the non-decaf? Worked for me.

Good for you Dave! I'm on my way. I really want to focus on my fruit intake in the morning and not have to worry about feeding the monster ;) 


Thank you Dave! Yeah, I agree that we are destroying our adrenals. I often wonder about the "benefits". Some say coffee can be beneficial in some ways i.e. dementia related problems and such. What I do know is that it's an addiction which right off the bat is not good. I feel 'out of my skin' in the morning. What I used to call my morning "jolt" is now more of a caustic and nutty thing. I would rather be present and then maybe higher energy from fruit and exercise. Off to workout, thank you for taking the time to encourage me :)

You're more than welcome.

There's no doubt it can be a great short-term stimulant, that 'jolt', but I find I was paying the price for it and it was a habit I no longer wanted. Maybe for some people it's not an issue, but I knew I was better off without it and glad I gave it up.

I've heard coffee can be good in aiding migraines, if taken in different ways, not just drinking - I'll leave it at that for now!

I had an ND ask me to get off it a while back, so glad I was finally able to do it - took me a long time and believe me, I didn't want to! But now I see the benefits for me.

Keep us updated on your progress!

That's a good idea! That's what helped break the bad habit for me - do something different when you would usually have that coffee in the morning.

When I say have some decaf, I was talking maybe once a week or so, which is what I did when I had a craving. I did go off it totally in the mornings, which is the hardest, I think.

Hang in there, it's really worth it! Your mind/body/soul will thank you! Really, I feel and look a lot better being off it. You also give your adrenals a huge break, which so many people are stressing out and getting into adrenal fatigue, a huge problem these days.

You can do it!

Good luck!

Well done!!! don't give up, I promise it is worth to go thru the painful process. The headaches will only last for 5 days max I would say... depending fast your body detoxifies, but once you are off you will feel amazing!!

With this experience you can see how bad is coffee for your health, that actually you have to go thru a painful process to detoxify form it.

So glad for you!!

Holistic Mary,

Got through another day. Slight headache. Thanks for the feedback :)

Think you double posted by mistake so ill repost here.

Lots of water, extra early nights, eat more than you normally do, don't do any hardcore exercise maybe just go for an hours walk so you give your adrenals a chance to shape up.

Also there's no point in replacing one caffeine source with another i.e green tea, if your an heavy duty coffee drinker your gonna feel pretty fatigued for a good few days which is why you should refrain from any intense exercise which can just prolong it, good luck getting it out your system it's well worth it, caffeine in any form is really not a good thing.

Hi Oliver

Thanks for responding. I'm about 4 days in (still measuring and cutting down the one measured cup of coffee) and tbh I am working out more but sleeping more, drinking a lot of water. Getting some fruit in in the A.M. and only drink green tea if I feel a headache coming on. Yesterday (and today so far..no other caffeine :) I think I'm coming along pretty well! Thank you.



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