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I found this out from Tim Van Orden's DVD.  The term is Orthorexia.  The word definition means ortho - correct/right and orexis - appetite, aka the correct diet.  As in, we are people who are concerned about the quality of the food we eat, and taking care to structure our diet according to what we perceive are the right foods, and avoiding those which are unhealthy.

How screwed up is this society when taking care of yourself puts you in the minority!  So if you ever see me, I'M CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

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TVO DEFINITELY has a mental disease. I mean who would want to risk death by trampling at the start of a stair well and then run up the stair well as hard as you can for around 10-15mins!

If boring people aint calling you crazy, your not living.

lol true that.

i definitely don't have a mental disease. and i would definitely agree that the author behind that DVD does... lol

Pretty sad that everyone is so obsessed with poisoning themselves that they have to come up with diseases for sane people. heh.

wow... that's pretty extreme.

Great, Poodle Doodle Doo! :)

"the difference between us and someone suffering from orthorexia nervosa is that that person can actually die from malnutrition because they are afraid that nearly all food is unhealthy"

But isn't that exactly how is it with LFRV? I mean according to LFRV only fruits and veggies are healthy. For example all the grains, fish, chicken, meat, starchy rootveggies, milk, cheese, cream, oils, butter, rice, legumes, soy, eggs etc etc are forbidden ;)

Maybe there can be many types of orthorexia. I'm not saying all raw foodists are orthorexics but some orthorexics do have an obsession to eat only raw food. One of them is a guy whose Youtube-nick is myownstickfigure. He isn't updating anymore but if you're interested you can go and watch his older videos where he tells about his struggle with orthorexia.

In my opinion orthorexia is something where one comes really obsessed about eating according to certain rules and feels extreme stress about his eatings. If eatings don't interrupt normal life and don't cause any stress, everythings ok.

orthorexia nervosa doesn´t have anything with calorie resriction to do. it is all about with quality of the food you eat.



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