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Hi watermelon lovers, I've become one of you since starting this lifestyle, especially now with melons in season, they are always good. I've been blending and drinking 1/4-1/2 melon in the morning most days. I love how it flushes me out and hydrates me, but I have this feeling that the calories aren't really fueling me because of how soon I get hungry afterwards. Yesterday, with half a melon at almost 700 cals, I was already on to my datorade an hour later for another 1000. Basically, I eat more cals overall on melon days but it doesn't feel like it! Anyone else notice this?

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watermelon is as high water / high energy as it gets. i agree with the sentiments already issued here. make sure you weight the edible portion and eat enough, if you want an improvement in this area.

Thanks for all the comments, they have been very helpful! The last two days I've eaten a whole melon in the morning (holy crap!) and found it quite satisfying. Melons make me feel goood!

if you ever cant finish your watermelon cut it into wedges and freeze them they make really tastey popsicles 



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