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Hi watermelon lovers, I've become one of you since starting this lifestyle, especially now with melons in season, they are always good. I've been blending and drinking 1/4-1/2 melon in the morning most days. I love how it flushes me out and hydrates me, but I have this feeling that the calories aren't really fueling me because of how soon I get hungry afterwards. Yesterday, with half a melon at almost 700 cals, I was already on to my datorade an hour later for another 1000. Basically, I eat more cals overall on melon days but it doesn't feel like it! Anyone else notice this?

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Hey there Jen,

I personally find that blended watermelon goes right through me like water - I hardly notice I've had it, either. However, when I have watermelon in its whole form, without blending, I do feel full. I think it might have to do with your body registering it because you're chewing beforehand, whereas with a juice, you're not actually chewing. Give it a go :)

Ha, ha! Here I thought I could sleep for that extra half hour!

LOL if you under eat melon yes this can happen.  I had 4872g of edible flesh of watermelon this morning for breakfast which is about 1461 calories worth and that keeps me satisfied till lunch about 5 hours later.  I am a 5'4" female and I don't juice my watermelon I just cut it up wedge it and eat it.  I do weigh out the watermelon by cutting it into quarters, weighing each quarter with the rind chop it up eat and then when I am done eating I weigh the left over rind and subtract that total from the total weight before eating it and the difference is the amount of edible flesh I actually consumed so this amount is not a guess I consumed 4872 of the edible flesh.  Which was about one medium sized seeded watermelon, I guess for a seeded watermelon it was slightly on the small side but medium/smallish watermelon and one good sized mini watermelon.  I love watermelon :-)  Heck I love all melons pretty much.

Yep my love of melons runs deep.  LOL 

How long does it take you to eat a whole melon? Do you take breaks?

So, overall I will eat more calories in the day, if I include watermelon. This makes me think the calories somehow aren't 'registering' with my body. Maybe the blending contributes to this.

ya when youre not chewing your food it doesnt give your body tiem ready to process the food. i always wonder if more of your food gets wasted when you blend. i'm not really sure. i dont think there's been studies.  someone want to study the difference between eating the same amount of food whole and the same amount of food blending and see what the result is?

Yeah kinda makes me wonder how much of the food we put down just passes on and never gets utilizes like our bodies go Meh I dont need that move it along. Like my gut is some kinda all you can eat buffet and my body picks and chooses what it wants from the gut and just tosses the rest out.

I have been eating a watermelon for breakfast every morning for most of the summer.  I know what you mean.  Your stomach empties out super quick and you COULD eat more.  I think that that's just due to the high water content.  Watermelon digests quickly.  That doesn't mean it's not digesting properly and that doesn't mean you NEED to eat an hour later.  I find that my stomach feels empty but I'm not actually hungry...like I'm not driven to eat...for a few hours.  There probably isn't anything wrong with eating when your stomach empties...but I kind of enjoy that period where I feel clean, empty and satisfied.  It might be different for you...but I thought I'd share because it's something to consider.

The way I judge isn't really by how my stomach feels but by A) my energy level- if it's my day off and I'm out for some exercise, how do i feel; and B) If I'm working at my job where I am a cook, do I want to eat the things I'm cooking?  If I'm fueled up, I don't experience any cravings, and as soon as I down some fruit, they go away. I use banana or date smoothies as my main food during the day, because I'm so busy I have no time to chew! Maybe I just need to really load up first thing to function well.

i have a feeling you severely over estimating how many calories are you consuming from your watermelon. If you have not already, try weighting the amount of flesh you are consuming in grams and then calculate how many calories that comes to. I have eaten at least 1 entire watermelon for breakfast for about 3 months straight. I found at first I too over estimated the amount of calories in my melons.  

I'm definitely thinking that half a melon isn't enough- tomorrow's the day: I'm going to eat a WHOLE melon!



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