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Hey does anyone find when they eat watermelon on a day they end up eat way more Calories than normal? I'm at 137% carbs (had tons of watermelon) and I'm about to throw down some rice cause I'm still hungry.

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Yeah, it doesn't really satisfy me, just makes me more hungry. I tend to avoid watermelon, I eat a lot of cantaloupe melon and don't have this problem.

haha yeah but i love it:) never feelin bad for eating lots and lots now

Go ahead and eat your rice if it makes you happy! Just keep the sodium low, that's the problem with rice for me it never tastes good with out sodium.

did you mean to put that you end up eating way less calories than normal? if so, then yeah i do that too. it's a very cleansing fruit though so i love to include it in my diet when possible.

nothin worse than a bad watermelon though...

No not for me it actually makes me very full!!! You can never go wrong with more calories though =) !!!!

I personally LOVE MY MELONS!! : D I eat 2 huge watermelons until about 4 pm. Then I make a blender full of fruit smoothie. Then I'll fill up a rubbermade container with the most amazing salad (1.5 liters worth) and smoother it with around 2 cups of freshly made fruity dressing. AND THEN, : ) I'll bake 3 medium potatoes and top them off with freshly made pasta sauce and onions. I am 5'3" and 118 lbs. I only count calories until I hit 3000, my personal minimum and then I eat freely to my hearts content or stomachs limit, which ever comes first. : ) never worry about eating too much fruits and veggies. There is no such thing as having too much.

Wow now that is a beautiful dream to be surrounded by that many watermelons.  Wow I love them but it is so hard to find good ones, I don't know how to pick them I guess.  Which variety is best, mini, seedless, seeded?  And I mean best flavor wise.  The mini ones usually are always seedless I believe but if there are seeded ones are seeded mini watermelon better then the seedless.  I want a really yummy watermelon.  LOL  Wow yours look good.  I can eat one huge watermelon for breakfast, maybe I have an admoral capacity for food cause I do'nt know if there is any female that can down the large watermelons I eat for just one meal.  I could probably eat two of the size watermelons you have in these pics for breakfast alone.  I can really pack away my fruit.  :-)  Watermelons I have had so far this year have just been ok tasting. Nothing special.  I haven't had an amazing watermelon yet this year, I tried mini, seeded and I have had regular full sized watermelons that were seedless, so far no great ones (I know it is early in the season but I am really want a good one)

I feel for ya when It comes to picking em. I have been eating seedless melons. first ill get 1 or 2 of each brand. then I try them and figure out which one is sweetest. when I figure that out I stick with that brand and feel confident to buy them in bulk. The first month I was eating the brand Randy's Candy. They were like giant sugar balls! I know what u mean by really good melons cos that's all I wanna eat. Once the Randy's started going bad I found the Veg Kings are just as sweet, if not sweeter and much bigger! When im picking each melon I go for heavy and less hollow sounding then many would advise u to pick. A lot of people say go for ones that sound hollow but I found if they actually sound a bit more dense then they are ripper and therefore sweeter. Good luck!

Thank you Bobbi and Mitch for your advice.  Where do you find these brands of watermelons Bobbi?  Online or from a store?  Do you order them in bulk, directly from a local supermarket or online?  I mainly get my fruits at local stores, mainly whole foods these days cause it is the store with the largest selection of organic produce

I'm trying to get there! I'm new to this and every day I feel like I can consume more. I'm only at 1800-2000 cal a day but I know I need more! I want to be at 3000 so I can get my lean muscle I need to compete in november
Are watermelons calorie dense? I wouldn't think that they would be. and thanks Mitch!

Watermelons are not calorie dense at all actually.  About 4kg (4000g) of watermelon flesh (without the rind) is about 1200 calories.  And if you weigh that much with the rind attached that can be (depending on how thick/heavy the rind is) like 8.8kg (8500g) or more of watermelon.  So that is a pretty big heavy watermelon I would say but yet the whole thing only has about 1200 calories.



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