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I have got acne like never before! 

I'm getting used to it and although it's pretty ugly and rough and bumpy, I've come to terms with the fact that it may be around for months. 

BUT, I realize that I am detoxing, would it be beneficial to wash off my detox with organic soap? I've seen taras video about getting rid of acne with this diet, and that she stopped wearing make up (done), and washing her face with only water (have been doing for 3 months), but she had gone through 2 yeas of detox prior to this, and I'm just wondering, should I wash my skin with some soap until I've detoxed for a bit or what?

I'm confuzed.

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If you want to wash with anything I would just use Epsom salts as a face scrub and rinse with water.  You can also take a bath in Epsom salts.  Just be sure when using it as a face scrub not to accidently swallow any.  And don't accidently drink the bath water.  I don't think soap is a good option but only you can make the call as to what is best for you.  If you want to try soap give it a try and see how it goes.

i would just get a loofah and scrub my skin with it in the shower without soap. this will take off the surface toxins, if there are any there, and remove any excess dead skin cells (plus it feels good :-) ). this is what i do now - not even every time i take a shower. but i've been off of any soap or shampoo (except for washing my hands here and there) for almost a year now.

Most important is to not pick on your pimples if you are in detox state. Spend lots of time outside doing your favourite activities, that should help your acne. 

Of course with drinking enough water, eating sufficient calories from sugary fruits and starches in the evening if you didn´t eat enough fruit. And sleeping 10-12 hours.

If you are going to some social meeting or something, maybe use some vegan make-up, but no cream or soap is  gonna speed up the healing process.

I hope this helps, if you have any questions don´t hesitate to ask.

I'm finding it difficult to sleep, do you have any remedies for this? Did you cure your acne on this lifestyle? :) Thanks for the response!

YES I have, I did many videos about healing acne on this lifestyle, these are my sleep vids: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7IfEXpYbXr0






Let's clarify the way we all look at acne.

Is there a way to get rid of it?

If the cause is detox, then no.

And indeed, acne is a result of detox in the average american situation as well as all the LFRV situations I've come across so far.

I have acne too, more than I did in my glory days, and I take it as good sign. And I keep telling people, even though they act uninterested, general sex appeal goes up even while funky weird things happen to the body in this transformation.

I'd like to see some current pictures. Your avatar is pretty much supermodel status, I mean, you're clearly a sexy girl, and you know very well what's good for you.

These guys have good advice. I absolutely agree with all of it.

But nonetheless, post to your heart's content. We love your input, 10,000%.

I have photos of me in my albums of my detoxing skin you can take a look at, I have all my avatars as me looking hot to remind me I'll get there one day :) How long have you been on the path? I've noticed some brilliant other stuff, my nails are ridiculously strong and beautiful :) 

What do you mean "your avatar is..." What avatar are you referring to?  He profile pic isn't really her it is an avatar?  How did you know that?

Coincidentally, I actually noticed a straight up rash on the side of my face, today! I don't shave, cut my hair, comb my hair even (a little concerned about the future of my hair, lol), use soap or toothpaste, or anything, even though I eat cooked food about .7 times a day at the moment.

I was psyched! YAY, RASH! that means stuff's coming out! If any of those pics on your profile are current.... girl, you got NO problems. zip, nada, zilch none, nuthin, at ALL, to worry about. We love you and the progress you're making, and your body, face, mind, soul, etc. is totally off the hook. I mean DAYUM

Hahaha  well cheers!! :D I've been seeing better results, all of thos pix are from a month or so ago, I ill be uploading some more soon! :) I know it's been tough accepting my acne, it as only today when 4 pimples came up on my shoulder I was actually able to manage to say to myself "yeah lyra! detox queen!" (;

Hi Lyra,

I looked at some of your photos and your acne looks quite similar to my own - I've been plagued for years. I've noticed some improvements recently though since starting this lifestyle. Do you eat cooked food? because I've noticed when I do it makes the redness much worse - just a thought. I see you're in the UK, I'm just across the water in Ireland :)



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