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War, mass shootings and terrorism are karmic reactions for animal slaughter

If you’ve had enough war, mass shootings, threats of economic collapse, terrorism, social and moral decay and the rest, have faith we can play a part in minimizing these adversities.

Karma is complicated, no doubt, but we can substantially turn the tide by uniting to avoid one thing: animal slaughter. Humanity's atrocities against innocent animals creates horrible karmic reactions. The world is suffering for its continued crimes against nature.

If each one of us resolves not to participate in the torture and murder of animals, which means to cease consuming flesh, purchasing slaughterhouse by- products and dairy products obtained by violence, there will result a substantial change in the quality of life on the planet.

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Hear, hear! 

    I do think there is wisdom in your words. Yet, I have doubts. I still think there would be a lot of violence in the world. For example, wild Chimpanzees fight quite a bit. Also, the human overpopulation problem is not going to magically fix itself even if everyone was forced to be vegan. Good post.

Population is a problem when people consume more resources than they require. If slaughterhouses closed down, humanity would be taxing the earth and her resources much less.

Also, luckily those chimps don't have any nukes or industrial slaughterhouses.

   "Population is a problem when people consume more resources than they require."

   Good luck, there is a lot of Mcmansions in my area. Also, if you grass is too tall about 6 inches the township will fine you $600 a day until the grass is trimmed and jail time. When I heard about the ordinance for tall weeds and grass I'm like you do realize there is a documentary called an inconvenient truth. You should be fining people for having short grass.

    Boy was I furious that day. Gee my neighbor can have a mcmansion with a swimming pool, short grass, eat all the cow they want, drive a huge SUV for each member of the family, and spray their lawn with excessive pesticides and herbicides. Yet, if I fail to keep my grass short I can go to jail. I wish more people paid respect to the environment.



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