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If you own one, for the love of god THROW IT OUT!


Could you actually imagine coming home & having your boyfriend/girlfriend greet you in a onesie with a butt flap?


Just sayin.


Thoughts on this?

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my crocs keep the ladies away just fine, thank you very much.

Exhibit A


Crocs AND the onesie together, that would be amazing.

Again.  This turns me on. Anymore delicious combo ideas?

I actually found the commercial for this a year ago and couldn't stop laughing! The best part is probably the group that's tailgating in the forever lazy. Want to be forever lazy? Skip the ugly onesie and just eat SAD your whole life :P



- Elissa

Hahaha!!!  They tailgated in it and "partied it up"!  NICE.


My sister bought her boyfriend a onesie as a silly gift once :)

LOL, remember to "batten your hatch"!

No flannel pattern for giant lumberjack babies.  FAIL!

That tailgating segment in the infomercial was hilarious, probably the worst example of trying to use marketing to make a product seem cool, let alone socially acceptable. Steve Jobs would be rolling around in his grave.



butt flap


You secretly own one don't you Melissa? I won't tell.

multiple colors, I'm a guessin'



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