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If you own one, for the love of god THROW IT OUT!


Could you actually imagine coming home & having your boyfriend/girlfriend greet you in a onesie with a butt flap?


Just sayin.


Thoughts on this?

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It would be a great way to get out of a relationship that you want to end too. Just put that baby on and she'll run for the hills.


married and i'm ordering

Oh dear god, no.

It's winter, it's cold. You wouldn't even have to take it off when you and your husband get it on:) suggest that to him. 

This is exactly what I thought.  It could make from some steamy sex in the great white north.

I dunno, I think a sauna would be better for the steamy part...LOL

Well, there is plenty of room in that thing for two people...

i need two then.  ;P

Have you seen my pic??  I wear one of these almost all the stinkin' time already!

Yes well on you it's acceptable :)

All I read was girlfriend and butt flap!

I don't know what your saying, but its turning me on lol



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