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I have been given an amazing opportunity to live in in Peru in a barter and trade community where I will be helping preserve the rainforest, plant an abundant fruit orchard, and learn the ways of the medicine man. My goal is to be able to help the institute grow for all of my loved ones to be able to live in abundance in the future and be able to bring the information about reality back to the states and teach those who want to thrive in life how to do so minimalistically.  Since the institute is fairly new, the cost of living is $500.00 (plus your plane ticket) for the first 3 months until you can work out a work-for-living agreement. This is such a beautiful opportunity to grow a fruitarian utopian society to save this world. I am hoping to meet more light artists like myself on my journey who are equally as passionate about saving our mother earth and all who inhabit her. c:

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maybe you can unmedicne the medicine man or if not you better keep your hygienic practice a secret from him but i think honesty now would avoid conflict later.

Just posted further down on the thread! sorry for the late response. c:

Was anyone able to receive info on this?

Hello, all! The gist of what you need to know is the institutes name: Paititi! their website is paititi-institute.org, and there's where you will find all of the information about them c: they have 4,000 acres of rainforest so far, and are accepting donations as well to help expand the preserved land of both the rainforest and indigenous tribes who inhabit the area. There was also a documentary filmed there called The Sacred Science if you guys have ever seen or heard of it. Oh, and I'm pretty sure they do scholarship things too. Their website has a lot more info than I do, as I am just the messenger ._.


i will summarize the parts of this pdf that i found particularly important.  overall it sounds like an awesome place but i will explain below the things that make me suspicious

This pdf says you must pay $20 per day for your first 3 months so 90 days x 20$ = 1800$ cash they want from you upon arrival.  I know 1800$ cash doesn't seem like a lot of money, but in a third world country where you can buy land for $200 an acre ( according to victoria ) its A LOT.  1800$ cash in peru is worth 18k cash in usa in my opinion, that might not really make sense to someone who hasn't been to a third world country b4.

The visa situation sounds decent- most countries won't let you stay for much more than 180 days.  But you have to realize, you're going to come, work like a slave, and then leave with maybe some knowledge and skills but with a sizeable dent in your pocket.

Even for $20 a day, I don't think they will be able to provide you with 100% fruit diet.  it says in the PDF they will provide you with 3 vegan meals per day plus fish.  it also says: 

Great items to contribute to the community if you wish (which are hard to find in Iquitos):
• Sea Salt
• Yerba Matte
• Sea Weed

I know it's hard to find a fruitarianfriendly place no matter where you go but... they are asking for items that are arguably not grown/produced in a sustainable manner and it is debatable if these 3 items are human food.

As part of the your time with us in service you will have an option to partake in ancient
indigenous Amazonian ceremony of Ayahuasca.  < AN Ayahuasca ceremony is done every 2 weeks here and you're welcome to contribute.  I've never tried this drug before, I would definitely consider doing so in the future.  Even DR did magic mushrooms before.  But it's not like he strongly endorses them either.  I think you can reach enlightenment without drugs, but maybe they can help some of us.

In general we work 6 to 8 hours a day, 5-6 days a week but essentially it is important to
understand that living in our community is not like being in society where we clock in and out.

< I'm really lazy, working 40 hours a week for free isn't for me.  I don't see this as a fair exchange.  You can live like a queen in Peru on $20 a day without committing to work 40+ hours a week...

I don't mean to come off as negative but I've done a few work trade deals over my few short years here on earth and a lot of them seem like slave labor to me.  But don't let me discourage anyone if this project speaks to me.  I really enjoyed what was written on the website and was glad to look through it.  Please come back and post here after you've spent a while at paititi victoria, i would really like to know how your experience goes.

I guess it is different for me as I am going over specifically for the work. My goal is to live without money, and if I can plant a fruit orchard for my loved ones to be able to thrive one day and live abundantly with nature, I'm all for it c: I definitely will keep you all posted as to how it is over there when i return, and I will bring a camera! I plan to be gone 6 months to 1 year, so we will see how it goes. <3

Also, thank you for your feedback! I need all of the skepticism I can get! haha. It's good to have because it is easy to form a bias when you get swept up in passion about something. It's hard to find the ultimate utopia for the Earth, but I think this is a great place to start! We need to be the change we wish to see, so my plan is to create that fruitarian utopia so we will all have somewhere to go and live abundantly together :3

i can feel your energy and excitement it is contagious :)  but seriously i recommend you do a lot more research, dig up as much dirt as possible on this place, weigh the pros and cons.  have you found any reports/ reviews by people who have previously volunteered there? if not why not?  do you have any pictures of this abundant fruit forest or is it just in your mind?  it doesn't really seem like an amazing opportunity from where i'm sitting.  how can you really judge that kind of thing until you've been there?

don't you think it's better to just buy 9 acres of land than pay these people 1800$ for the privilege of working 40 hours a week for them?  if you buy the land then you can work for yourself, be your own boss, etc...

It's really awesome to hear your feedback on this subject. I am going to go to my friend on the matter and discuss with him what the best course of action is, and i would like to be able to give you guys his feedback on the institute as he knows the shaman who began the institute personally.

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Have you looked into WWOOF Victoria?



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