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Want to buy something to make tap water drinkable, need recommendations.

I have the following options:

- I got a spare tap water connector where I can hookup some device

- Device should use 220V

- Device can be the size of a vitamix blender or a bit larger

- Device should NOT make noise when in standby (not used during the nights)

- Device should be available in Europe/Netherlands

I don't know enough about water filtering devices to know what to buy ;) Thanks in advance.

I attached a file with URL's to some information and shops I found for people in The Netherlands looking for a filter or distiller.

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Hi jelle,

Check out the Berkey brand of water filters. Pretty much filter out everything. Have only heard great things about these.

we bought the berkey water bottles that come with filters and the bottles themselves smelled so toxic we couldn't use them.  don't know about their other stuff but after that experience I wouldn't buy from them again.


These are the ones we bought, we have bought many plastic water bottles and never had the strong toxic smell as we had from these.  We washed and aired them out and tried using them a few times but found them too smelly to use.  That was our experience.

I bought the above today for about half the price of the original Waterwise 4000, sadly no glass jar, but I think I can find something that can keep 4 litre of water. I am really curious how the taste will be. I bought it at a store that promotes making your own alcohol... how evil is that :D

That's great! :)  Let us know how you like it.

Distilled water has all minerals removed and can leach minerals from the body.  Use it in car batteries, radiators, steam irons, chemistry experiments, etc.

RO uses high pressure and distorts the water molecules.  There is some question if the body even recognizes it as real water.  It also takes most minerals out, so it is likely to leach minerals from the body like distilled water.

Thank you for your reply Lekoma. I am a person mostly driven by science and logic can you explain how the above works at a biochemist level?

I have no idea how one can distort H20 molecules? I also have no idea why removing the minerals from water would be bad for the human body. Distilled water is steamed water, included other gaseous molecules at 100 degree Celsius, after this a carbon filter removes a bit of the other non H2O molecules. (it probably does not filter everything, but it seems to filter the most)

I did look at the Berkey Water Purifier two days ago, but could not figure out why there filters would work better then RO or a distiller.

I also searched 30BaD and like endshell said distilled water seemed the way to go according to most of the 30BaD members, but please enlighten me, I like chemistry.

High pressure, squeezing the water molecules through a membrane will destroy the molecule.

Please show me how H20 water molecules are destroyed when going through a membrane! It does not make sense to me, even with nanotechnology membranes of <20nm a 100pm a H20 molecule will just pass trough (1 nanometer = 1000 picometers)


So I received my distiller last Wednesday and put it to use, it makes crystal clear water. However what really got me is the discussing residue, can you image drinking the above every time you drink 4 litre of tap water!!

When I did my first batch (test run and cleaning the carbon filter on the end) the residue was the same, so I thought maybe there is still something in the distiller, so I did a second and a third run the other days and the residue was the same. So I cleaned out the distiller with the special cleaner products, the distiller was brand clean and the residue was again the same!! So this stuff seems to be in our tap water!

The water itself taste clean, a lot better then the tap water, but not as nice as bottled water, but I can definitely drink more water in the morning now (about 1/2 to 1 litre). During exercises (running) the water also taste better.

The residue is also very smelly, it smells like chemicals and I am a bit worried about the vapours the distiller produces, the kitchen (where its standing) doesn't smell fresh any-more after making a batch.

There must be other people using distillers? How do your residue from tap water looks and smells?

Hope that residue is not in the final product that you are supposed to drink.

The final product is crystal clear, and does not contain the residue.

This allows water to conduct electricity.  Functions all through the body require electrical conduction.  Distilled water is an insulator.  The water will have to pull minerals from the body via osmosis to conduct electrical currents within the body.  Distilled water is not ideal, especially when better options are available.

Can you or somebody else explain (preferably with bioscience) why not having minerals in the water you drink can be a bad thing?

As I see it minerals are useful for plants that use photosyntheses to make the inorganic minerals organic and bind them with an amino acids/protein molecule, when eating the plants the body can separate the minerals from the protein molecule and use it?

Having clean distilled non conducting water actually seems preferable because it can absorbed inorganic minerals like salts from the body and help clean it better?

The intracellular fluid in the body uses osmosis and electrolytes, having distilled water not disturbing this process and let the body handle this seems like a positive thing to me?

+1  Numerous people on here including me and Dr. Doug conclude the same thing after reading up.  


I got similar leftover stuff too with my distiller but I never used the carbon filter as the water seemed to go around it.  I also used water that had already gone through my multipure to distill, yet there was that yucky stuff left over! :P  


Good tip on the appliance timer, I wonder if this might prevent the left over gunk from sticking so bad to the sides.


I never noticed any weird smells from distilling and I am super sensitive, so we just kept ours in the kitchen, we had waterwise $400 model.

Mine looks the same after running our softened water through it. It looks a little clearer when using the hard water though, however with more sediment.

We run our machine in the laundry room with the window open to deal with the heat, noise, and vapours.

I went with one from H20 Labs.  It's similar to yours but comes with a glass jar and was cheaper than the Waterwise model but seemed to be the same thing.



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