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Hey there, I live in Santa Cruz, California.  


My home is nice but I also picture how fun it'd be to live with vegans really interested in the kinda healthy-living topics that get talked about here on 30bad (yoga, nature, fitness, spirituality, art, service, environmentalism, etc.).  Since my home commitment is just month-to-month, I can move whenever as long as I give my landlord 30 day's notice.  Cause of massage school and just loving it here, I'm gonna stay in Santa Cruz.


Santa Cruz is an laid-back, bikeable, friendly, holistically-minded place on the beach, full of cyclists, runners, surfers, dogs, artists, and hippies.  It's extremely vegan-friendly and near where most of the United States' produce comes from, so it's easy to eat fresh and local, and mild enough for lots of food-gardening.  I've found it so ideal for the 30bad diet/lifestyle.  

Since moving here several months ago I've been making awesome friends and even am meeting some vegans and an occasional raw foodie, but 811 people are hard to find in person!  I love connecting with them though so I feel less wierd/alone in this lifestyle.


So if you're interested in visiting, or you live here (or not too far, say in San Fran, which I can get to once in awhile), or you wanna consider sharing a home here with me and other like-minded people we track down... please let me know :)

Please comment here or message me instead of just sending a friend request so I know you're interested specifically in this.  Thank you :) 

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I think it would be awesome to live with fellow raw vegans. "With our powers combined we are..." unstoppable, inspired, shot upward to new levels of health and understanding, supported, understood, creative... man that sounds awesome. I've visited friends in Santa Cruz many times and totally dig it there. The culture of the bay area, the ocean, awesome farmer's markets all at the same time!

Unfortunately I just left the bay area for South East Asia, but I'll be back in CA at some point in 2012.

ddddave...!  hi again :)  yeah i feel super duper blessed to be living here, especially since i'd never visited it before taking the leap and moving here all the way from the washington, dc, area several months ago, just followed my heart.  it's a very special place.  it'll be fun to meet you in person sometime.  woo-hoo, enjoy your asian adventures!!!

i love it up in santa cruz!!!! i would not mind living there with a bunch of  vegans, it would make life so much easier for me, I can only imagine.  i just got a new bike so im sure ill be riding around there sometimes. i feel i have a duty at home right now with my parents to help them transition to lfrv ( got them to read 80/10/10) if not i would move out to santa cruz in a heartbeat!! it would be cool to live with a masseuse though!!! but then all of my money would go to donating you. i love massages! :) if i was ever in the area i'd love to hang out and meet new vegans. i dont know any vegans personally and it kind of sucks lol.

hi jacob, awesome.  look me up next time you're up for a santa cruz visit and we can hang out.  i love cycling too.  massage school starts back up in a couple weeks and my homework is giving 3 massages to 3 different people every week, so i'm always in need of "practice bodies" and it's donation-optional (friends give me anywhere from $0 to barter to $45 for 1-1.5 hour long massages).  meetup.org is helpful for meeting vegans and raw foodies, and vegan restaurants and farmers markets.

Oh darn, I live way south near Pasadena. Santa Cruz sounds really nice though, maybe I could transfer to UCSC...

haha, well do contact me if you visit here... would be fun to take a bike ride or go on a little hike or whatnot with ya :)

Hi there Devin, I'm sure if you keep listening to your heart and mind you'll find a home that feels just right :)


San Jose and Mountain View area are very exciting places for "tech company/nerd" types.  They're about an hour or less drive from Santa Cruz.  San Francisco (about 2 hours from Santa Cruz) has all the stuff big cities have such as non-profits/charities, more options than Santa Cruz.  Music all over.  What you've heard about California culture being friendly and laid-back is true - though of course you MidWesterners have your own special type of friendliness too :)    


Cool, well, yeah, other than the stuff you listed, I'm not sure what you're looking for exactly, so there's only so much I can recommend Santa Cruz or California to ya.  The things you listed aren't too hard to find in any state... though about the fruit there's more variety of high-quality local fruit here than the Midwest.  I'm pretty blown away by the tastiness of the produce here :)  Let me know if you have questions, glad to help.

Hi Joce,


I've been dreaming about living in an all 811 house. I am about 3 hours away in the central valley. How much would it cost a month?

I'd love to move back to California. Maybe I'll convince my boss to have me open up another Segway tour company in Santa Cruz. Hahaha. He's talked about San Diego, Santa Barbara, but maybe S.C. would work...

I love posts like this. Together we are unstoppable!

Ryan: Cool, well whether you visit or totally relocate, would love to meet ya!  Did you know Santa Cruz and Austin both share a slogan?: "Keep Santa Cruz wierd," "Keep Austin wierd."  I haven't seen anything suuuuuuuper wierd here yet, but there is a creativity and open-mindedness and a fun fashion sense about the place... and Halloween is incredible here :)

Haha, that's awesome! The slogan does apply to how Austin used to have lots of unique weirdos everywhere. It still does, however that is dying. The slogan mostly referes to supporting local businesses (and their weird owners) and keeping the local economy strong. When you support Starbucks, maybe 10% of what you pay stays in the city. Support a local coffee stand and at least 40% keeps circulating around the city. It's Austin's strong economy that has moved many Californians like me over here.


I wonder if that is the same intention behind keep Santa Cruz weird.



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