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Hey all!

I felt like this deserved to be post-worthy and it truly got under my skin, here it goes.

I am a college student and I am currently taking a 2 credit "stress management" course counting for physical education. Everything has been helpful and great..... Except when we got into a nutrition discussion.

She asked everyone, by show of hands, "who here feels like they eat enough fruits and vegetables here?"

Me and one other person raised there hands. So she asked me, "Okay, what do you have for breakfast?" I told her "a fruit and water smoothie. Typically consisting of berries, kale, mangoes, bananas and so on with water only.

She looks at me and says, "Okay, that is too much fruit. Ya see, since your body is not chewing and eating it, it cannot process all that sugar at once. That is too much sugar too fast."

A girl next to me asked her, "but you are liquefying the fruit when you chew anyways, what is the difference?" She reworded the same response she gave me earlier.

Meanwhile, she was talking about how every single person is lacking protein in their diets. You all need more protein!

She is a workout and fitness trainer as well. She is rather chunky and claims she is working out all the time.

As she was lecturing some more she says "everyone needs to be eating more fruits and veggies." Okay! Way to confuse the whole class after calling out my morning smoothie as a sugary, useless beverage! 

NO WONDER people of all ages are so confused about what to EAT! You have this women waving her kinesiology degree around making hypocritical statements. 

I became so annoyed because it is people like her that continue to complicate things, preaching to clueless college kids who I feel like should really care more and research more about their health! 

We are always told to question everything and this just opened my eyes so much. I am thinking now about all knowledge I have ever been force fed in school (I hate college and I pretty much think it is a money pit; I question everyday why I am there and what I am doing).

ANYWAYS! I will end this rant now because I could literally go on for hours about how corrupt and shady college is.

Have a good day, Fruity Batz :)


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I agree. What I've been taught in school about nutrition is very contradictory and is taught by people who rarely are in good health. When I ask questions I am never given a straight answer either.

Hello Luna,

I am also a college student and i understand you when you say college is a money pit and all. Best advice I have, which is the one I came to realize for myself, is to just go through it all and once you have that degree then you do with it what you want and you spread the message you think is right.

Thank you! I have been working on this degree for so long that I have just kind of gone blind. I am just now starting to question what I am doing here and what is the point in all this added stress. But I agree with you on just finishin the darn thing! Hopefully in the end it will be one of the biggest battles I have overcome or at least I will really make my parents proud. Thanks again!

I agree! I'm a Nutrition major so I'm hearing the wrong information almost every day. It's really frustrating because I don't want to be sitting in a classroom listening to the government's nutrition guidelines, and paying so much money for that. I'm just sucking it up until I finish my degree so I can truly focus on what I believe in.

Silly teacher :D 

"Never let school get in the way of your education" ~ Mark Twain


haha! He's got some great quotes, Mark Twain

That's one of my favs. :)

I will definitely start doing the swish! Plus this should be a nice way to slow down and really enjoy smoothies :)

I always eat a bite of each banana as I make my morning 8-10 banana smoothie, get that chewing going....

In my opinion, college is only a complete money pit if you're not getting what you want out of it.  It IS damn expensive, weirdly so expensive. But for me, I'm studying to become a marine biologist/scientist. I hope to work with the ocean and different kinds of pollution to basically clean up the ocean and try to save marine life as well as the quality of the water.  That is what I am working for, so college is totally worth it. I feel like I am getting what I want out of the experience.  I feel as though it all depends on the individual and what they want their future to look like. Whether they want a certain career that they need schooling for or not.  Anyways, your professor's comments are just absurd. Protein+being hypocritical=most ignorant people on health. Ridiculous. Most people eat 3-4 times the amount of protein it seems like nowadays, so I can't believe she even said that! Add me on facebook (Julia Scheeler), because I would love more vegan friends around my age! Much love, Julia. P.S. You should start bringing big smoothies to class. ;) 

So hard for me to keep my mouth shut in those situations!



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