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Hi friends, 

I've been tracking my food on cronometer lately because I found out after bloof tests I was deficient in certain things like iron, calcium, b12, sodium etc.

I eat on a regular basis either 2 meals of bananas( about 22) with a datorade with 16 medjool dates or the other way around 2 datorades and one banana meal depending on what I have, a cup or 2 of berries, a head of romaine and some baby spinach.

Things are getting better with pretty much everything 100%, still a bit low on calcium at 90%, but vitamin E is like 30%....... Any suggestions??

I can't eat oranges or citrus right now, healing mouth ulcers.

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*meant blood tests

I also eat some celery

blood tests said you were deficient in those things? when i mentioned to the doctor that i never had calcium full on cronometer she said you couldn't really test that or something.

anyway i  never have calcium full i've been told 500mg is enough or something but even that i not always get.

i never have vitamin E full either, when i did want to get that full i used to eat ~35grams of sunflower seeds.

When i still ate a junkfood meat diet there's no way i could have ever had that full..

hmmmm ok. I know that the low iron, sodium and b12 for sure was affecting me. I guess I just want to make sure since those things really gave me a ton of bad symptoms.

thanks for your reply :)

I don't feel so good adding lots of overts so I guess I'll stick to what i'm doing now.

I got deficient I think from under eating when I was unwell.

You may find your answers in reading through some of our blogposts in the Aloha Wagon.

Also, add 1-2 oz of nuts or seeds to diet a day and or an avocado.  These are higher in the fat soluble vitamins like E, and help regulate these vitamins in the body.  

Daily Recipe for Long Term Success:

Good luck and Peace, PK



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