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My hands' and feet's sole are yellowish. I do rawtill4. 12 bananas, a lot of pineapple and rice, broccoli, lettuce leaves and lentis in one day. Doctor said me that vitamin A overdose can be very dangerous and can it can produce convulsions. And I argumented all the people that are on raw vegan and are athletes and how awesome they feel. I cured my eating disorder, my acne, my hair falling out, my constipation and I grew super strong nails. I don't think that we, rawtill4 or raw vegan people have overdose on vitamins. Any Ideas?

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The kiwis we get here in Australia are usually very green and never really ripen...they hurt my mouth so I don't bother with them. I prefer tropical fruit from my local area...papaya, bananas, rambutan, lychees, dragonfruit, persimmon. They never hurt my mouth. If you have access to ripe kiwis and oranges, then I don't think any number is too much :) 

you can only overdose on animal based vitamin a



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